Are You at Risk of Diseases Because of Your Deodorant?

Reading the label of deodorant and considering the chemical names it contains before you purchase it is necessary. What producers of deodorants do is use tiny, skin-penetrating chemicals to suppress normal bodily functions to keep you sweat-free and smelling fresh. However, is that such a healthy thing to do to our bodies? Here are some of the primary chemicals added in manufactured deodorants and why you should avoid them.


Aluminum is the most common chemical found in deodorants. It is a heavy metal and contains toxins that dangerously affects the human body. The primary role of aluminum in deodorants is to enter the pores of your skin and block the production of sweat. This chemical element has also been associated with dire brain conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. The toxic level of aluminum can vary your body’s production of hormones. You are especially at risk of developing cancer if your estrogen level is not at its best state.


Triethanolamine is a dangerous chemical byproduct of ethylene oxide and ammonia. The primary purpose of this chemical is to keep unlike mixtures of ingredients together. It remains as an ingredient in many beauty products in some regions even though it is banned in several countries.


Triclosan seizes the number of bacteria that are on beauty and hygiene products. A wide variety of name brand deodorants include this antibacterial agent in their antiperspirants. You directly apply triclosan onto your skin as you rub the deodorant on. This action might not seem very abnormal if you are not aware that the Food and Drug Association (FDA) did not class it as a type of pesticide. When it’s exposed to water, carcinogenic compounds form, which is the very substance that most people use for bathing.


Parabens are chemical preservatives commonly added to antiperspirants to lengthen their ability to appear fresh. Beauty care products that are applied directly on the skin, scalp, and areas close to the eyes often have them. Also, these preservatives tend to replace estrogen in the body, which can lead to cancer and hormonal imbalances.

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