Inversion Therapy: The Ancient Brain-Boosting Technique

Inversion therapy has been around in medical circles for many years. It’s often prescribed as a way to help alleviate back pain. But in the course of treating back pain, studies found that the therapy offered plenty of other benefits as well.

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

One of these benefits was an improvement in circulation. Your body must have oxygen to do all of the thousands of tasks that it does internally every single day. The way that oxygen is delivered is through your blood supplied to the organs.

It’s easier for the body to pump oxygen-rich blood to the lower part of your body and not so much to the upper portions of the body. This means that it’s not easy for the blood to get pumped to your brain. However, when you’re using inversion therapy, the blood flows easier to your brain. When you have more effortless blood flow, the circulation level is increased, which in turn reduces the mental impairment associated with age.

Not only can inversion therapy boost your brainpower, but it can also help improve your body’s core muscle strength and improve your mood. The way to fight back against aging and its effect on the brain’s ability to function is by making sure your brain has the amount of blood flow it must have.

How Inversion Therapy Works

Inversion therapy is a way to give that blood flow to your brain. This type of therapy means that you’ll reverse the pull of gravity on your body by putting your head in the opposite position that it would normally be in.

You’ll actually be upside down. The way that you accomplish this is easy. You can lie down at an angle so that blood is going to your head. For this, you can use a bed, a sofa, or an inversion table.

Inversion therapy helps fight depression, anxiety, and can even work to help relieve the symptoms associated with stress. By practicing inversion therapy, you can even reverse insomnia.

Your body will gain plenty of other boosts, such as greater energy because of the blood flow that your brain is receiving. When your brain doesn’t have to fight the pull of gravity to get the blood flow that it needs, you can improve your brain’s ability to think by as much as 14%.

You’ll experience an easier ability to focus, better memory recall, and improved mental clarity overall. When you use inversion therapy, the boost of blood flow to the brain can help fight against dementia as well as to fight against the effects of mental aging. Some of the most common methods with inversion therapy are upside-down yoga poses yoga, using a yoga sling, and inversion table or gravity boots.

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