Green Tea for a Healthier Body

Green tea is one of the most sought after beverages out there, but even those who religiously drink it every day are often astonished by the number of health benefits a cup of it offers. Here are a few of the many reasons you should get drinking more green tea.

It conditions your body for weight loss

If you happen to have a bottle of weight loss pills near you, grab it and look at its ingredients. Green tea likely is one of its elements. As you may have already guessed, green tea boosts your metabolism and, therefore, helps your body burn calories at a quicker rate. Not only that, though. Consuming a big glass of tea will fill most people up and will keep hunger at bay for longer. So the next time you stand on a weighing scale and see no progress despite all the fad or crash diet you have been doing, make yourself a fresh cup of green tea instead. You can also add honey to your tea for added health benefits.

It is good for your heart

Green tea contains flavanoids which are plant chemicals that many studies have suggested are good for cardiovascular health. Green tea can help reduce inflammation in your arteries and/or decrease your risk of a heart attack. For best results, pair it with other heart-healthy foods and exercises. Of course, these will not replace cardiovascular health treatments, but they can reduce your risk for heart complications overtime.

It is an immunity booster

Green tea is packed with catechins, type of phenolic compound that kills bacteria and attack viruses. Though, it is unlikely that it will stop very stubborn flu from harming your bodily system, it might help relieve the symptoms from the inside out. In addition to that, the warmth and steam of green tea can also give relief to sinuses.

It helps you retain memories

Acetylcholine is a chemical in the body that helps your brain retain memories. Therefore, when it begins to wear away, so do your memories. One study of Alzheimer’s patients has suggested that green tea might have the ability to reduce the breakdown of this vital chemical. While nothing can stop the malice of cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s, green tea might slow it down. You need to recognize that your brain health needs your help to remain healthy, and when you practice drinking healing teas like green tea, you are doing yourself a big favor. So what are you waiting for? Get brewing!

The next time you go to the grocery store, keep your eyes out for green tea but make sure you are not purchasing just any kind of green tea. Make sure you buy something of high quality and all-natural like Premiere Green Tea from Orgaanics. If you have no idea which will give you the maximum benefits of green tea, Premiere Green Tea is a great place to start. Your body will thank you for it.

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