Detox Your Body With These Smoothies

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are the cornerstone for a food detox, which allows you to cleanse your system while feeding it a lot of nutrients at the same time. This is really easy to do when you make smoothies that contain these and other healthy ingredients. Try to make some of the following detox smoothies.

Green Smoothie

The first smoothie is more of a standard health smoothie, which is something many people choose to make when they are on a detox diet. This is a green smoothie, which is essentially one that has both fruits and veggies. The fruits make it taste sweeter and less like you are drinking liquid lettuce, while all the veggies build up the superfoods and nutrients. Together, they make a killer detox smoothie. You can choose any combination you like, but try to have some greens in each one, such as spinach or kale. With a smoothie, the general rule of thumb is to add just enough liquid to help it blend up. If it isnít blending, add a little more liquid to get it going.

Berry Smoothie

If you aren’t interested in having veggies in your smoothie, that is totally fine. You can still make a delicious and healthy detox smoothie by using your favorite combination of berries. Most berries, including strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, are filled with antioxidants and a lot of other nutrients. This makes them a superfood, and perfect for a detox smoothie. Using frozen berries keeps you from needing a lot of ice. You can add in some orange juice as the liquid as well, which keeps it dairy-free. This is often good for a detox option.

Cherry Smoothie

This doesn’t just have cherries, but cherries are a really good base. This happens to be a wonderful superfood fruit that has tons of nutrition, including vitamins, minerals, and those beloved antioxidants. Freeze a generous amount of cherries, then add them to the blender along with another frozen fruit, such as kiwi or mango. You can then add in a little bit of water, but just as much as you think you need. Some people prefer blending the cherries first, then adding in the mango and some more water or juice to get it going.

Try these as a base for your smoothies, then add in some of your own ingredients. Just remember to keep them fresh, whole, and preferably organic.

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