Snacks You Can Use For a Food Detox

If you intend to detox your body by changing your diet, you might find that choosing the right snacks is a bit of a struggle. This is the area where many people get confused about healthy foods to eat because you are used to cookies, crackers, and chips. Here are some super healthy snacks that are perfect for a food detox.


Naturally, fresh produce is typically at the top of the list when deciding what snacks would be appropriate for a healthy food detox. Fruit allows you to have a lot of nutrients, a great selection of superfoods, and to get some of those sugars you might be missing while on the detox. It is also really easy to have fruit, whether you grab an apple, have a smoothie with bananas, or throw berries into homemade fruit juice. Some good fruits to have naturally are the superfoods, including apples, blueberries, strawberries, and cherries.


The next area of snacks you might want to try when you are on a food detox is veggies. Vegetables are so good for you and often are filled with nutrients that help to detox your body. Many of them also act as natural diuretics, further helping to cleanse your system. You can bring a baggie of carrot sticks to work to munch on when you get hungry or bring some hummus to dip your favorite raw veggies in. They are really easy to turn into snacks. Some good veggies for detox are broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, celery, and kale.

Nuts and Seeds

This is a good option because not only are they healthy and easy to put into baggies when you are leaving the house, but you can find them at gas stations and convenience stores. There may be times when you are out for longer than you thought, so you didnít think to bring a snack. You can stop in any convenience store and grab a little bag of nuts or seeds. Try to get the unsalted or lightly salted version, and see if they have a piece of fruit near the register. This will give you the healthiest possible detox snack, especially when combining it with healthy water.
Don’t overthink your snacks and think every one of them needs to be nothing but superfoods. You can choose simple snacks, just avoid overly processed foods whenever you can.