Age-defying Benefits of Hydration

It is essential to remain hydrated to look youthful. According to experts, dehydration is common among people, and this results in an unhealthy body that does not function at its optimum state. The skin projects the initial noticeable symptoms of dehydration, but this is not where the problem begins. It starts from within the body and, if not taken care of, can lead to severe problems over time. Here are some of the health benefits of hydration as you age.

Improved Blood Circulation

Drinking more water every day will maintain the smooth circulation of blood in the body. Blood is supposed to be in a liquid state. However, when you are dehydrated, your blood flow declines to guarantee that blood reaches your vital organs. Dehydration causes lethargy and feeling older.

Healthier Brain Functionality

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can be avoided by merely remaining hydrated. Dehydration causes the brain to reduce its activity, resulting in mental confusion, dizziness, or memory loss. As dehydration continues, you can even experience mental incoherence. When severely dehydrated, immediately guzzle a lot water to prevent delirium.

Boost in Immune System

Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily allows your body to dispose of toxins that can contaminate healthy cells easily. Your urinary tract requires a great deal of water to eliminate the harmful chemicals and bacteria you ingest regularly. You can prevent common illnesses like influenza and colds by helping your body eliminate dangerous toxins quickly.

Normalized Blood Pressure

Dehydration causes the pituitary gland to produce vasopressin, a natural chemical that will constrict your body’s blood vessels, making it difficult for your heart to do its job of pumping blood. Such occurrence can result to high blood pressure which causes headaches, and that which can then lead to stroke. During severe abnormal blood pressure, the arteries and blood vessels in your body stiffen, causing your skin to appear old and weary.

Balanced Blood Glucose Levels

It is essential for people who have diabetes mellitus to maintain their blood sugar levels to avoid complications. Dehydration causes blood to begin thickening and concentrating, resulting in a problem for people who suffer from this ailment. Just chugging down more water can also prevent the kidney problems that commonly prevail among people with diabetes.

Prevention of Dry Eye Conditions

Did you know that dehydration causes frequent feelings of dryness and itchiness of the eyes? Dry eyes cause you to rub at the eyeballs, eyelids, and the area around it to create moisture while also eliminating discomfort. However, scratching the delicate skin around your dry eyes can create unpleasant crow’s-feet that will make add years to your looks. Thus, start to drink more water every day to prevent such conditions from happening.

Having proven the point that staying hydrated is vital to staying healthy and looking young, you need to remember that it is also vital that you consume healthy beverages. Nutri Noni Mix Juice from Orgaanics is a potent, all-natural drink packed with various health benefits like essential vitamins, minerals (e.g., calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorous), and other phytonutrients. If you are going to chug down a drink, why not chug on something that will keep you both hydrated and healthy?

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