4 Habits You Didn’t Know Are Damaging Your Health

Many people who struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle can develop unhealthy habits related to eating. These unhealthy eating habits can lead to weight gain, weight loss, or even health issues. There are many different bad nutrition habits to avoid as well as ways to combat them and adapt a healthier routine.  

Mindless Eating 

Mindless eating can occur due to boredom, in times of stress, or when people are feeling emotional. Most often, mindless eating can lead to eating much larger portions than normal. Having an entire bowl of popcorn or chips while you are watching a movie will most likely lead to the entire bowl being consumed. One way to avoid mindless eating is to make sure that the portion size is small. Instead of eating from the bag or filling an entire bowl with popcorn, make a smaller serving in a small container or sandwich-sized bag.  

Eating Late at Night 

Eating late at night can lead to acid reflux, weight gain, and a general feeling of unwellness when waking up in the morning. Eating a well-rounded diet throughout the day will help curb midnight cravings. Making sure that dinners are high in protein and good fats will also help maintain satiation levels throughout the night. If cravings are still present after dinner, have a small snack like an apple or string cheese before heading to bed.  

Snacking All Day 

Snacking throughout the day on foods that are high in carbohydrates most likely will leave you feeling unsatisfied. Snacks that are full of empty carbs should be swapped for more filling foods that are high in nutrients. Some snacks to keep around are carrots, hummus, yogurt, and almonds. These foods are high in protein and good fats that will help to maintain energy and stave off cravings until the next meal.  

Skipping Breakfast 

Many people skip breakfast because they are running late, too busy, or are just not hungry. It is important to remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When breakfast is skipped, it slows metabolism and leads to an energy deficit. If breakfast is not eaten, it most often leads to overeating later in the day. Keeping foods readily accessible that are easy to eat for breakfast such as granola bars, fruit, nuts, and yogurt may help give energy that is needed to tackle the day.

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