Why You Should Add Beetroot to Your Health Drink

Whether you are familiar with beets or not, some studies have shown that you can garner health benefits from its juice. This root vegetable has been used in different cuisines over the years, and they are excellent in providing nutrients that support bodily function. Drinking beetroot juice is one of the best ways you can gain its health benefits. Here are some health benefits of beetroot juice you need to know.

It Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is prevalent among older adults. This health issue contributes to heart damage and heavily strains the circulatory tissues, which results in inflammation that becomes a ripe ground for blood clots and blockages. These blockages caused by collections of cholesterol can lead to dire, life-threatening conditions like strokes and heart attacks. Fortunately, beetroot juice can decrease your blood pressure. According to studies, adults who consume at least 8 ounces of beetroot juice are likely to lower their blood pressure. The extract contains elements that help veins and arteries maintain their elasticity so they can accommodate passages of small particles.

It Reduces Fatigue

While any form of exercise is important in maintaining a healthy body, it is also essential to gain enough nutrients you need to feed your muscles and allow your body to run efficiently as you engage in physical activities. A study conducted in 2012 discovered that drinking beetroot extract was able to heighten physical performance and metabolic efficiency. In that study, the test subjects consumed beetroot juice during an exercise regimen, and scientists recorded longer performance times than before they drank the juice.

It Builds Muscle Power

One of the most dangerous conditions one can suffer from is heart failure. It can severely impact a person’s lifestyle as it causes difficulty in eliminating excess fluids from the body and distributing oxygen to vital organs. Some studies tried to find solutions for this life-threatening disorder, and one focused on the possible help beetroot juice can do. In this study, it was observed that beetroot caused a 15% increase in heart muscle power after the test subjects consumed it. Nitrates found in beets also help make circulation more efficient.

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