What You Didn’t Know about Acidic and Alkaline Foods

There are so much rumor and confusion surrounding the role of acidic and alkaline foods. While some people claim that the pH level of foods people eat cannot benefit nor harm the body, others say this does not make any sense. It is true that the pH of the human body functions at a very tight range; it is also probable that you can influence that pH balance in your digestive tract. Below is some information that will shine some light on the whole concept of alkaline and acidic foods.

Acidic Foods

Nowadays, almost all of our favorite foods contain sugar. Bread, soda, juice boxes, cakes, and candy are full of this sweet-tasting, harmful substance. It is directly linked to weight gain and other health issues, but one of its most destructive effects it brings our health is inflammation.

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Milk is known for its supposed benefit on bone health. However, some studies suggest that milk is not the best source of calcium, which is the mineral that strengthens the bones and teeth. Deep-green vegetables like kale and broccoli are rich in calcium, so you should resort to them instead to get enough of that essential mineral.

The most damaging foods on this list are processed or prepackaged foods. They contain a wide variety of harmful chemicals that act as neurotoxins and cause inflammation. Some examples of this type of food are mass-produced desserts and microwavable meals, and you should avoid them to stay healthy.

Alkaline Foods

Spinach and celery are two vegetables found in many recipes around the world, even in the early times. While they are great flavor additives, they also play an essential role in medicine. They have been associated with reducing inflammation responses the body might have to injury.

Spinach is an excellent example of an alkaline vegetable that serves as a great side-dish for a variety of meals. You can season it as you pan fry, or you can stir in some minced vegetables to combine a bold flavor to the dish. Spinach is also a great source of iron, zinc, copper, and B vitamins.

Celery, on the other hand, is a popular fragrant vegetable used in many food types, from sandwich salads to soups. It is packed with necessary enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants, which makes celery one of the best natural remedies for reducing inflammation.

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