The Role of Selenium in Healthy Aging

Having a happy, healthy, and functional life requires you to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Some of the minerals your body requires to live are only necessary in such minute amounts that they are referred to as being trace amounts. Selenium is one of the notable trace minerals. You can find it in some nuts, and a few other foods. This article aims to explain the primary benefits of selenium to your health and why you should start harnessing them.

Repairs Oxidative Stress

There are times when the human body has a hard time keeping pace with the number of free radicals present in your system. This condition is called oxidative stress. The metabolic processes that occur in the body result in these particles, and when oxidative stress reaches high levels, some systems begin to breakdown. This breakdown is the cause of premature aging and several chronic diseases that wreak havoc to the quality of life. This is where the mineral selenium comes in. It has compounds that can break down free radicals and prevent cells from stress. Avoid processed foods, heavy smoking, and excessive heavy alcohol use to properly limit the number of free radicals that appear in the body.

Helps Combat Cancer

Free radicals cause many forms of cancer that are common today. As they spread in the body, healthy cells they come in contact with are damaged. Furthermore, when DNA is no longer in its proper sequence, it can create a chain reaction in cells, which causes subtle yet dire changes to each of their DNA. Selenium has antioxidants that help neutralize these free radicals and kill cancer cells while also preventing them from spreading.

Guards Against Cognitive Delay

Small amounts of cognitive delay occur as people get older. Even though many factors increase the rate of the delay, studies have shown that antioxidants can prevent a decline in mental faculties. According to research about selenium-rich foods, people who eat those foods have a lower risk of developing cognitive disorders. At the beginning of the study, the ability to connect diet to cognitive health is a massive breakthrough that could potentially save millions of lives.

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