Tea Detox Info and Recipes

When it comes to detoxing your body and organs, it is important to try and consume natural foods and beverages with as little chemicals as possible. Reducing your overall amount of caffeine and getting rid of soda is also recommended. This is when drinking healthy tea is a great substitute for caffeine-dense coffee drinks. This isn’t about the packaged detox teas that are filled with useless chemicals, but brewing up a pot of organic, fresh, homemade detox tea.

Green Tea Detox

One of the best types of teas you can have for detox is green tea. It is extremely good for you, has a mild flavor so it is easy to flavor how you like, and it sits well with the stomach. It also happens to be great for weight loss, if that is something you are interested in along with your detox. You can drink regular green tea or turn it into your own detox recipe by adding herbs or fruit juice like lime or lemon.

Fresh Tea Detox

This type of tea detox doesnít actually use tea leaves but incorporates hot water with a variety of fresh ingredients that are good for drink detoxes. For example, you want to heat up a cup of water, then add in some lemon juice and cayenne pepper. You can also add in a bit of raw honey or maple syrup to make it sweetener and more flavorful, or even some fresh ground ginger. Try to drink this 2-3 times a day during a detox, and you will begin feeling much better.

Dandelion and Ginger Tea Detox

One of the superfoods that many people don’t use nearly often enough is dandelion root. Dandelion is a very powerful root that can be used to make some delicious and healthy tea. As a superfood, it is packed full of nutrients that you often don’t get from other foods, plus it helps to remove the toxins from your body, particularly your liver. You can use some dried dandelion root along with fresh ginger and dried milk thistle for this powerful detox tea.

Remember that you can also try store-bought teas for a detox, but you want to be careful about which kind you choose. Try to go for the more organic ones or loose leaf teas, as they tend to go through less of a chemical process to be made, which is really your goal.

For good digestion, drink Premiere Green Tea before meals.