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What to Eat When You Have Diabetes

Women with diabetes need to follow all of the guidelines and healthy lifestyle changes as anyone else with diabetes, including changing their diet. If you have been diagnosed recently, your doctor will likely start you on a new diet that is going to help balance out your blood sugar levels. Here are some tips for […]

4 Natural Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar

As you might know, type 2 diabetes is caused by having high amounts of sugar in your blood, which is measured by your blood glucose. There are a variety of ways to help manage your blood sugar levels, with many of them being on the more natural side. Have Some Apple Cider Vinegar If you […]

How to Know Your Blood Sugar is Dropping

You may not pay much attention to the blood sugar levels in your body, but if you are at risk for diabetes, or you tend to feel faint and ill a lot of the time, it might actually be from having low blood sugar. Your blood sugar is the concentration of blood glucose in your […]

How to Balance Your Blood Sugar

If you have diabetes, you likely already know that this disease is caused by having too much sugar in your blood, called blood glucose. Naturally, one of the things you need to do with this disease is to balance out the blood sugar. There are many ways you can do this, including the following. Eat […]

Here’s Why You Need to Monitor Your Blood Sugar Better During an Outbreak

Most diabetics are already aware of how important it is for them to keep track of their blood sugar. Making a few wrong moves can have some serious implications, and it can leave you feeling weak, exhausted, and can lead to some pretty severe medical problems. However, keeping track of your blood sugar during a […]