How to Know Your Blood Sugar is Dropping

You may not pay much attention to the blood sugar levels in your body, but if you are at risk for diabetes, or you tend to feel faint and ill a lot of the time, it might actually be from having low blood sugar. Your blood sugar is the concentration of blood glucose in your body. When the blood sugar levels get too low, it causes hypoglycemia, which can lead to a number of different side effects. If you have diabetes, you are at a much higher risk of this happening, but it can occur in people without this medical condition as well.

Here are some signs that your blood sugar levels might be dropping.

You Feel Shaky and Dizzy

This is a really common symptom of low blood sugar and often one of the first things you will notice. In some cases, it is pretty subtle, where you just get a little dizzy when standing up, or you feel slightly shaky when you go on a walk. This doesn’t always mean you have issues with low blood sugar levels, but if it happens regularly or in conjunction with some of these other symptoms, it is a good reason to have it checked out by your doctor.

You Experience Fatigue

With fatigue, it is more generalized, and something that you have when you suffer from chronic hypoglycemia as opposed to random drops of your blood sugar levels. Instead of just being tired after a workout or a long night when you didn’t sleep well, fatigue like this feels constant. You never really have any energy, no matter what you do or how much caffeine you consume. When it affects your life, you know it’s time to figure out what is going on.

You Have Symptoms of Anxiety

Do you find that when you experience these other symptoms of blood sugar dropping, you also have heightened anxiety? This might be from the low blood sugar levels. People often experience mental health issues when their blood sugar drops, such as an increase in anxiety symptoms or heightened stress signals. If you have a generalized anxiety disorder, you are at a greater risk of anxiety as a result of blood sugar changes.

You Become Irritable and Moody

There are many reasons you might be moody or agitated, but your blood sugar levels suddenly dropping could be a big signal. Similar to anxiety, your blood sugar levels could affect your brain and how you feel in general. You might suddenly be very moody, where everything and everyone is bugging you. If you notice it happening around the same time every day or on a consistent basis, it could be from your blood sugar levels dropping.

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