Stop Eating These Foods if You Have Stomach Problems

When you’re dealing with stomach issues, it’s never fun. Specifically, digestive issues are a common and pervasive problem among many adults today, and most of those people would be shocked to learn that many of the problems that they face are stemming from their digestive issues. In order to take a serious look at your digestive health, it’s important to curate your diet and be sure that you aren’t eating something that could be creating the problem. The next few paragraphs will be sharing a few foods to avoid if you have digestion problems.

Fried Foods

This one should be relatively self-explanatory. Fried foods are very high in cholesterol and harmful fats that can clog systems in the body. When the body has trouble metabolizing these fats, it will often try to dispose of them through other means like passing them as wastes, or through the skin, which can cause terrible and painful acne on the surface of the skin. Try lightly glazing foods with oil and baking for a similar and satisfying way to cook.


While it’s easy to get a few nutrients from this category of food, many people don’t have the required enzymes to make sure that the processing of dairy products runs smoothly. This can result in a lot of terrible and unpleasant side effects, like bloating and cramping. Some people describe this as a condition known as lactose intolerance. If you are able, try almond milk as a relatively solid alternative.


Soda is essentially a liquid candy, and it is highly acidic. These types of drinks can cause the pH of your stomach to be somewhat off and kill the good bacteria in your stomach then feed the harmful bacteria, leaving you defenseless against the slowly multiplying colonies of bacteria. It would be best to avoid drinking sodas most of the time if you want to keep your stomach at a healthy operating level. A good substitute would be sparkling water with juice flavoring.


This is another highly acidic and often over-processed drink. It’s very important that you keep your stomach free from anything that will cause harmful bacteria to multiply without being regulated by the good bacteria that should be present in the body. It would probably be a better idea to choose darker teas to get your caffeine fix. 

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