Smoking Cessation Is Important to Build a Strong Immune System

It’s far from being a mystery to most people that smoking is horrible for your health. It can cause lung cancer, increase your risk of heart disease, and generally poison you as you do it.

One aspect of your body that gets compromised by smoking is your immune system. If you smoke, you’re seriously increasing your chances of getting sick at any time, and when you do get sick, it’s going to be a lot worse than it would be for a non-smoker.

One of the parts of your body that’s worst effected by smoking is your lungs. Since you’re inhaling the smoke, all of those harsh chemicals and poisons are going straight into your lungs, making them work a lot worse.

If you happen to catch a disease that affects your respiratory system, such as pneumonia, you’re going to have it much worse than a normal person would. This is because your lungs won’t be healthy enough to fight it off, leading to worse breathing and harder coughing.

Smoking has been shown to directly inhibit many parts of your body that are the most important parts of your immune system. For example, it lowers the rate at which your body produces white blood cells, which are extremely important to your immune system.

They are the core of your immune system, the part that every other component works off of. Without them, your body doesn’t stand a chance against diseases when it gets infected.

Smoking can also cause certain antibodies, which help your white blood cells, to stop working altogether. So many parts of cigarette smoke cause cancer, and you’re putting yourself at extremely high risk of getting cancer by smoking.

From the heavy metals like lead and chromium, which are very poisonous, to actual radioactive components, it’s extremely carcinogenic. Cancer will demolish your immune system, and it will put you out of commission for months, even if you do recover from it.

By quitting smoking, you’re doing so much good for yourself and others. For yourself, you’re saving tons of money, preventing yourself from getting cancer or serious diseases, and increasing your immune system efficiency.

For others, you’re no longer covered in the lingering stench that comes with cigarette smoke, preventing them from getting certain diseases as well. If you want to stay healthy in any capacity, you need to quit smoking as soon as possible.

In addition to this, the immune system defends the body from foreign, invading organisms, promoting protective immunity while maintaining tolerance to self. Vitamin D has numerous effects on cells within the immune system. Take advantage of this by adding Fern-D in your daily vitamin intake!

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