Slow Metabolism? Add These Herbs to Your Diet

When you’re trying to get healthy, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest fad diets, exercise tools, and the like that can cost you a lot of time, money, and leave you feeling frustrated. Thankfully, with the modern spread of information, it’s a lot easier to research and find which things work for people to reach your health goals. The primary focus of this article is to show which herbs can help with your metabolism.


This famous herb has been associated with energy and metabolism for 2000 years. Its presence in tea has made ginseng tea a favorite among people looking to promote a more energetic lifestyle. Studies have shown that ginseng can greatly help with weight loss if consumed every day for a sustained period. Ginseng was also found to have a favorable effect on insulin sensitivity, making it a good choice for people who deal with diabetes.

Cayenne Pepper

In the last few hundred years, several tonics have employed capsaicin, the active or hot ingredient in cayenne pepper, to help treat various ailments. Today, science has uncovered more of the specifics in how we can use this powerful agent to arrest caloric intake, shrink fat tissues, and clean the vascular system. Research has discovered that it can stimulate thermogenesis, which is metabolizing fats to generate heat. This means that your metabolism is being boosted to create this effect, and more energy stored in fat must be used for it to occur.


People have had a strong love of cinnamon for quite some time due to its festive flavoring and associations with holiday time, but this powerful spice has many other advantages. Research has shown that cinnamon can substantially lower blood sugar levels and increase glucose metabolization by more than 18 times the regular amount. This means that it helps to make your metabolism more efficient, making it a wonderful thing for people who have diabetes or might be close to becoming diabetic.


Mostly, people think of mustard as simply a condiment, but it’s been shown that less than a teaspoon of mustard seeds can boost your metabolic rate by 25%, which could result in an extra 40 – 50 calories being burned per hour.

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