3 Natural Remedies To Treat Adult Acne

While there are many great prescription skincare products and over-the-counter options for adult acne, it is good to start with natural remedies. You can try these first or use them in combination with what your dermatologist recommends.

Give Your Skin a Break

Your skin is reacting with adult acne because of all the products you use daily. Give your skin a break and let it breathe by detoxing it. This is done by removing all makeup from your skin and any skincare products you have used. Cleanse and exfoliate it well, then leave it alone for the rest of the day. Doing this over the weekend when you don’t have anywhere to go requires putting on makeup is a good idea. Cleanse your face twice a day and use moisturizer, but use only a gentle one. Also, make sure your hair is clean, so no hair oils affect your hairline or jawline.

Drink Plenty of Water

 You have heard it before – you need to drink more water! This is important in so many areas of your life, especially with your skin. The skin helps hydrate your entire body, including your skin, hair, and nails. Your skin needs it to open up your pores and prevent dry skin, preventing acne from worsening. Keep track of your water intake each day to make sure you are drinking enough. While tea often counts as water, you should only count it when you aren’t adding anything extra to it, such as honey or milk.

Try Tea Tree Oil

Another natural remedy for acne-prone skin is tea tree oil. This is often used in all-natural skincare products, cleansers, and moisturizers because of its healing powers for skin. It is often used to replace chemicals like benzoyl peroxide, which are also good for acne but might be a little too harsh for your skin. It can be used with tea tree oil on its own as a spot treatment or added to DIY facial masks or scrubs. You can also find over-the-counter natural acne treatments that contain tea tree oil.

Another smart and simple way to treat acne is by taking Life Enzyme. It contains a combination of 150 fruits, vegetables, and herbs that have been fermented in a year. Consuming plenty of nutritional foods can help cure acne overall. With that said, take Life Enzyme from Orgaanics today!

While it is good to use these and other natural remedies for helping with your acne, don’t let them replace seeing your doctor. You might still want to see a dermatologist if your acne is getting worse or simply not improving. Medical treatment might help the cause of your acne.

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