DIY Foot Detox Recipes You Need to Try Today

Detox is not only limited to juice cleansing or another food detox. There are also detoxes of the body, and one popular type is called foot detox. If you are curious and interested to know more about it, read on.

Select Your Foot Detox Technique

Generally, you will want to use a special foot bath for your food detox. If you do not have access to one, though, you can resort to filling up your tub, carefully sit on the edge, and soak your feet into the water. Better yet, use some type of container that is large enough to fill up with water and comfortably rest your feet in. You should not feel constricted, or it is not going to be a relaxing and beneficial experience for you. There is a great number of different simple plastic tubs or special ones with bubbles and jets available in the market.

Cleanse With Sea Salt

If you have tried foot detox before, then you know that many of the methods use some type of salt. Sea salt is a crowd favorite because it cleanses the feet and the skin, which makes it a perfect addition to a detox bath. If you are using sea salt for your foot detox, you can also add in some baking soda to the water mixture if you’d like. Typically, about ½ cup to a cup of each is added to a foot bath along with warm water.

Give Bentonite Clay a Shot

Bentonite clay is not a well-known ingredient of natural health and detoxing, but it is a terrific addition to foot detox. It is excellent for your skin and body as it eliminates toxins and helps deliver a powerful mineral to your body. You can add it to your foot detox soak to have a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Keep in mind, though, that where the clay comes from is extremely important. That is because the lower the quality of bentonite clay, the higher the possibility that it contains lead. So ensure you do your research and get it from a natural, reputable source.

Of course, you can always go for something simpler, like using plain old warm water and some Epsom salt. It is easily accessible and excellently cleanses, so it works great for a foot detox. Epsom salt is also used in regular detox baths for the whole body.

After a relaxing foot detox, pamper your hands and feet with Hand & Foot Salve from Orgaanics.

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