Discover These Quick and Easy Clean Eating Breakfast Ideas

Mornings might be busy and hectic, but that does not mean it is okay to skip breakfast. You have probably already heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; hence, you should make sure to grab something healthy and satisfying every morning. The following breakfast ideas are not only approved by a clean eating lifestyle, but they are easy to put together. You can even prepare some of them the night before, making them convenient.

Breakfast Toast

If you take a peek around Instagram, you will notice that breakfast toast is trendy for health-conscious people, including those following a clean eating lifestyle. Avocado toast is one of the most popular ones. This consists of mashed up avocado on whole-grain bread, sometimes with a fried egg on top. You can make plenty of other healthy breakfast toasts customizable to what you have in your kitchen, such as almond butter with sliced fruit, salmon and hummus, or veggies with hummus on the toast. You are free to add any of your favorite toast toppings. You can even use large slices of sweet potato for the bread portion of the toast to make it even healthier!

Overnight Oats

Do not rule out something as simple as overnight oats. Oats themselves are usually approved by the clean eating diet, as long as you prepare them naturally and freshly. This means that you should not use processed instant oatmeal and be careful about what you add to them. However, you can make oats ahead of time, usually the night before. This makes this breakfast meal convenient as it is ready-to-eat for the following morning. A basic overnight oat recipe consists of rolled oats, milk, and Greek yogurt. Just add everything in a mason jar and store it in the fridge. Try adding some organic honey and chia seeds to the oats as well for added nutrition and flavor.


This breakfast is fun and easy to make. It is usually done with bread. To make egg-in-a-basket, cut a hole in the middle of your bread and place it on a pan. Crack an egg in the hole and let it cook. For a healthier version, add some slices of bell pepper. This meal saves you on carbs and allows you to enjoy a healthy meal at the same time.

You can also try old favorites, such as smoothies; just be careful about the dairy portion and whether or not it comes from grass-fed cows. Or you can resort to something more convenient and remarkably healthy like Santé FibrEnergy from Orgaanics. This breakfast meal is packed with nutritious ingredients like barley, chia seeds, and oats.

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