Detox With These Diets

When people hear the word detox, they often associate it with someone scary, like the Master Cleanse.

However, you don’t need to do such a harsh detox diet where all you have is lemon water for a week straight.

There are some diets out there that are actually really great for cleansing your system because they help you stop eating a lot of processed foods and artificial ingredients.

Here are some different diets to consider doing for a detox.

Clean Eating

A great diet to start with when you want to detox your body is a clean eating diet.

This tends to be a little easier to follow and less strict than some of the other diets on the list, but it is still good for reducing processed foods, sugars, and additives in your food.

With a clean eating diet, you are trying to eat mostly whole foods and lean protein, avoiding overly processed foods and refined carbs. Start eating more produce, healthy fats, lean protein, and whole grains.


One of the most popular diets right now is the Paleo diet, which also happens to be good for detoxing your body.

The reason is that you are also going to start skipping all those refined carbs, excess sugar, and processed foods. These foods often have chemicals and additives you donít want in your body.

With the Paleo diet, you are restricted to the foods you could either grow, forage or hunt. This means most types of meat, leafy greens, nuts and seeds, and fish.

However, in terms of meat, avoid processed cuts like bacon and hot dogs.


The keto diet is similar to Paleo, but don’t be confused; it is not exactly the same. With the keto diet, you are actually trying to reach ketosis.

This is when you reach a point where the ketones in your body are being converted to energy thanks to your liver. If you find that you are constantly fatigued, you could probably use a detox diet with the keto diet. It is typically a low-carb diet that is higher in fat.

The keto diet is similar to Atkins, but there are more specific guidelines you need to follow with your macros.

Whole Foods

You can also give the whole foods diet a try.

The whole foods diet, such as Whole30 and other variations, requires you to eat all whole foods and absolutely nothing processed. Not only are you not eating food in packages or frozen foods, but you are also not eating much dairy either.

This includes reducing your intake of dairies like milk and sour cream. You will eat mainly plant-based foods, nuts, seeds, as well as some lean protein and eggs.

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