Are You Experiencing Unexplained Tiredness?

Many people suffer from a feeling of constant tiredness and they’re not even sure why. A physically demanding job or recreational activity, or lack of quality sleep will provide its own evidence, however often tiredness is caused by several intermingled lifestyle aspects rather than one glaringly obvious cause.

There may be multiple factors acting together, leading to feelings of lethargy or even pronounced fatigue.

Overcoming this situation requires taking the time to objectively and honestly review your lifestyle behaviors and choices. The following suggestions may provide pointers to areas where you can make improvements to your vitality and ‘get-up-and-go’.

Energy Sustaining Snacks

Too many people make the mistake of snacking on readily available sugary foods or drinks only to find themselves experiencing an energy crash later. As the slump may occur a short time after, many do not make the connection between the snack consumed and the fatigue symptoms, however, this link is absolutely proven.

Foods with a high glycemic index will only support the body’s energy requirements for a very short time. If you want to have sustained energy especially when you are at work, choose only energy-sustaining food such as a piece of fruit, low-fat yogurt, cheese, whole-grain cereal, or hard-boiled egg.

Eat More Often

This does not mean that you have to devour large meals each time or increase your overall daily consumption. You may have the type of metabolism which requires eating frequent but small meals, equally spread all throughout the day, to help give you sustained energy and to help avoid those between-meal slumps.

Instead of eating a large meal during regular eating hours, change your diet plan to include an energy-sustaining snack in between your regular mealtimes.

Find Time to Exercise Regularly

This may seem counterintuitive to your feelings of unexplained tiredness but regular exercise can indeed give you an energy boost as your entire body stays active and alert. Getting your heart beating faster will oxygenate your blood which will invigorate both your body and your mind.

The more you exercise, the less vulnerable to fatigue you will be. Always start your exercise regimen with light and low impact exercises then increase the intensity as you progress.

Consult your doctor first before you begin your exercise regimen, especially if you have any underlying health issues.

Reduce Any Excess Weight

Being overweight and obese will definitely take a toll on your energy levels. Any excess weight will put extra strain on your heart and organs, making you feel tired more often. Find ways to lose weight (if you are carrying excess weight) and be rewarded by your ability to perform tasks with so much less effort and so much more enthusiasm.

Get Quality Sleep

This may seem too simple but many people these days are having difficulty sleeping at night. Many others intentionally deprive themselves of enough sleep in exchange for more tasks accomplished at night, whether work or entertainment.

Sleep deprivation is very damaging to overall health and energy levels. The longer it is continued, the worse the effects. Change your habits to a pattern of regular sleeping and waking times.

Aim for 8-9 hours sleep a night with a few of these hours before midnight as possible. This will reset your body clock and will underpin all your other efforts to overcome fatigue.

Avoid Too Much Exposure to Stress

Frequent exposure to stressful events will drain your energy and ability to cope. As much as possible, take responsibility for planning your own day. Include periods of relaxing activity every day, or at least remove yourself from the most stressful environments to recuperate.

Exercising for 30-minutes, reading a few passages from an inspirational book, having dinner out with your loved ones, or simply listening to your favorite music can help reduce your symptoms of stress and recharge your mind and body.

The above-mentioned items are only a few of the many possible reasons for feeling overwhelmed and fatigued. Incorporate those that will benefit you and take the time to look for the real reasons that may be leeching your energy.

Do not forget to consult your health care provider if your feelings of unexplained tiredness persist even after you have tried to make changes yourself. Avoid having energy drinks as your main source of energy quick-fix. Modifying particular aspects of your lifestyle still remains the most effective way of bringing back your energy to normal levels.

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