How A Healthy Diet Can Quickly Lower our Cholesterol Levels

If you are looking for a stock answer to the question of how long it may take to lower your cholesterol with a healthy diet, well, there is no such thing. Everyone is uniquely and marvelously different.

There are so many factors in your life that may or may not apply to someone else. Your body weight, the amount of exercise and physical activity you get, your age, environmental influences, heredity, and so many other factors all come into play. These make you not only the person you are but determine how you respond to various inputs and changes.

Diet – the Biggest Factor

That having been said, you can actually lower high cholesterol levels rather quickly with simple dietary changes.

Multiple studies have shown that a smart approach to nutrition is as effective as, and sometimes more effective, than statins and other drugs for lowering high cholesterol. That is marvelous news for anyone concerned about their health, and looking for defective ways to improve it.

Statins Carry Risks

As you probably know, a lot of medications carry with them unfortunately negative side-effects for some people. Recent research into the effects of statin drugs paints a very concerning picture for patients. In many cases, a medication prescribed by your doctor may cause more concerning health problems than the condition you are trying to treat.

With diet, that is not the case.

If you eat too many beans you may get gassy, and if you take a fish oil supplement you may or may not get a case of bad breath. However, these effects don’t have lasting negative impacts on your health, wellbeing, and longevity.
All in all, there isn’t a real downside to eating smart. Given that all people are different and your time-frame may be greater or shorter than global averages, here is the good news …

How Quick are Dietary Effects?

In as few as 2 to 3 weeks, the right diet plan can significantly reduce an abnormally high cholesterol level.

Your body wants to be healthy. It really does. All it wants you to do is give it the things it needs to be as healthy and strong as it possibly can. Your emotional, physical, mental, and hormonal health levels will all regulate themselves naturally for your best possible performance if you let your body do what it does automatically.

Steps to Take

This means eating more high-fiber foods like beans and whole grains. Avoid processed meat, fried foods, and fast food. Eat only small amounts of whole milk, cheese, and butter.

Drastically limit the amount of added sugar that is present in your diet. Reducing the intake of sugary foods and other simple carbs is essential to cholesterol balancing.

Consuming too much sugar not only raises your cholesterol level, but it puts you at risk for a number of health problems including overweight, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and neurological problems like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Eat Whole and Fresh

Start eating more fruits and vegetables, organic and raw or at least minimally cooked, whenever you can. When you are hungry and are contemplating an unhealthy snack, grab a handful of high-protein, high-fiber almonds, walnuts, or other nuts instead, foods that also deliver high levels of healthy fats. Drink water throughout the day and wait until thirsty.

That simple diet plan can be extremely effective for lowering high cholesterol, and it begins to work immediately. When you combine a cholesterol-beating diet with at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic exercise every week, you can see truly miraculous things happen to your cholesterol levels.

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