A Healthy Lifestyle Equals a Longer Life

Healthy lifestyle habits certainly help us live longer, that’s only natural. If we don’t abuse our bodies, we won’t wear them out as quickly as they might otherwise.

This is proven scientifically, as experts have found that if you improve your health at a cellular level, you are also improving your cellular age and reducing the rate of decline.

However, it also makes sense that the opposite is true. If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle and abuse your health, damage that occurs cell by cell adds up to an increased rate of apparent aging. You are essentially speeding up the aging process, harming your health, and reducing your longevity.

Men’s Lifestyle Habits and Prostate Cancer

A research study revealed a link between men’s lifestyle habits and their risk of prostate cancer. The study involved 35 male participants over a five-year period and focused on the early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

This study showed that following a healthy diet and exercising regularly helped improve the length of ‘telomeres’. Telomeres are the protective caps found at the end of each chromosome that play a crucial role in regulating the lifespan of cells.

The shortening of telomeres causes certain cells to die earlier than they would otherwise if a healthier lifestyle were followed.

Some of the male study participants made positive changes to their lifestyle by eating a healthy diet, exercising on a regular basis and indulging in stress-reduction activities such as meditation and yoga. They also joined a support group.

The results showed that these men were found to have a 10% increase in the length of their telomeres. In the control group were 25 men who did not make any changes to their lifestyle habits. Their telomeres decreased in length by up to 3% and they also were diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer. The results of this study were published in The Lancet Oncology.

An Unhealthy Lifestyle Equals A Shorter Life

Although the number of incidences of people suffering from chronic illnesses such as obesity, cancer, stroke, arthritis, and heart disease is increasing, experts agree that these conditions can almost always be controlled or prevented through healthy lifestyle habits.

In line with this claim, researchers from the University of Zurich conducted a study on the effects of 4 factors and how it affected their life expectancy. These four factors were:

  1. Being sedentary
  2. Following an unhealthy diet
  3. Cigarette smoking
  4. Excessive alcohol consumption

While each of these factors contributes to a decrease in life expectancy, combining them greatly compounds the effect. The results of this study showed that a person whose lifestyle included all 4 risk factors had at least twice the mortality risk of those who did not involve any.

This finding was based on data gathered from a study of 16,721 people from 1977 to 2008. As the data sample and the time frame were large, researchers consider the results very conclusive.

The researchers found that 75-year-old individuals who didn’t partake in the four negative lifestyle choices had up to a 67% probability of surviving for the next ten years.

Those statistics are definitely worth thinking about if you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle. Taking action to remove negative factors from your lifestyle can result in a longer lifespan and an improved quality of life to enjoy it.

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