4 Benefits of Aloe Vera You Should Know

Aloe vera plants are famous for healing burns and moisturizing the skin. You might have seen it as one of the ingredients in many lotions and ointments dedicated for severely dry skin. While aloe vera do well in these areas, there are four other benefits you should know.

For Oral Hygiene

Dentures or illness can sometimes lead to painful canker sores or cold sores. If you have had this excruciating experience in the past, you might have bought over-the-counter medicines to quell the agony you were feeling. However, this approach may not always work. In fact, it may lead you to consume more chemicals than you would want. Worse, as you continue to intake more canker sore medicine, your body develops a resistance to it, increasing the required dose for it to work. Fortunately, aloe vera gel is a natural and effective remedy for oral sores. You can simply squeeze the gel out of the aloe vera plant and put it directly onto the affected area, or you can choose to use a food-grade aloe vera gel or juice. For best results, use Fresh & Clean Natural Toothpaste from Orgaanics. It contains all-natural ingredients like aloe vera extract, organic barley grass, and tea tree oil, so you do not need to worry about chemicals again.

For Wrinkle Reduction

Aloe vera as a wrinkle reducing agent may not be a common thought, but it can lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. You do not need to use aloe vera regularly, though. You can apply aloe vera gel directly onto your face as you follow your usual face wash and toner routine, or you can use it as one of the ingredients of a homemade face mask, peel off mask, or as a stand-alone toner. It is safe to put the aloe from the plant directly to your skin, and you will notice that the gel tightens your skin. While immediate effects are noticeable, long-term effects from the routine use are also significant.

For Constipation Relief

Aloe vera also takes the form of juice which you can purchase from local health and wellness stores, and at most pharmacies. Aloe vera juice can be used to help with constipation relief, just mix the juice with water or other juice and consume it. This is a natural way to lessen the pain of constipation and help cleanse your system within a few hours.

For Weight Loss

Another incredible benefit of aloe vera concerns weight loss. Its juice boosts the metabolism, clears the digestive tracts, and flushes toxins away from the system. Take the juice orally regularly for several days to harness the positive effects. It is also advisable to take a small break from the liquid and not consume it daily. Keep in mind that it has the same results as a laxative, so you have to be careful.

It is recommended that you keep an aloe vera plant and juice on hand to use any time you need it for you to get all its benefits. You can grow the plant indoors, and you can buy the juice and store it for several weeks.

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