3 Basic Lifestyle Changes That Help You Lose Weight

Any number of new diets on the market are geared to those looking to lose weight. From elimination diets to new supplements, the options are endless. If you are looking to lose weight and keep it off, changing your lifestyle is the best way to effect lasting change. We have put together a few lifestyle tips that will help you lose weight in a natural and sustainable way.

Control Your Portions

Mindless eating will always make you gain weight even if the meals you eat are full of healthy choices. It is critical to learn and exercise portion control if you want to drop the weight and actually keep it off. Most people do really understand how serving sizes work or how much food is actually in a serving. If you read nutrition facts labels, serving sizes are dramatically smaller than the amount of food most people put on their plate. Instead of just guessing at serving sizes, make a point of using measuring cups each time you serve yourself a meal or even a snack.

Don’t Skip Meals

Eating less will help you lose weight but skipping meals will have the exact opposite effect. Often people will skip breakfast thinking they will just eat a larger lunch instead. You may think that skipping breakfast is a good way to eliminate calories, but in fact, people who skip breakfast end up consuming more calories the rest of the day. It is better to eat a protein-packed breakfast that you can burn off during the peak hours of the day and eat a lighter lunch to reduce your overall calorie intake. Also, skipping breakfast will often lead to a sugar crash at your peak hour of activity, which can lead to poor food choices when your body needs a sudden influx of energy to keep going.

Increase The Fiber In Your Diet

Your parents always tell you to eat plenty of vegetables and now that you are trying to lose weight, we will say the same thing. Most nutrient-rich vegetables are low in calories, but often have a lot of fiber to make you feel fuller longer. Instead of eating a lot of meat, make sure that vegetables make up the biggest portions of your meals. If you are not a big fan of vegetables with your meals, you can always have a leafy appetizer instead. Eating a salad with a lot of vegetables before your meal is a great way to increase your veggie intake and lower the number of other starches and sugars at each meal.

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