Why You Need A Liver Cleanse

If your liver isn’t functioning as well as it could or should, you may be considering following a liver detox diet. If so, good for you. Many people have proven for themselves that cleansing the liver has many health benefits, and here are just a few.

Boost the Immune System

The liver provides a massive defense against toxins and pathogens that enter through the digestive tract, by filtering them from the blood. However, like anything else, the liver can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of toxins it has to deal with, and can subsequently become less efficient at performing its vital duties.

The presence of toxins and parasites can significantly affect several biological and physiological processes in the body which in turn can lead to adverse results in cell growth and immune response. Detoxifying the liver will help flush this excess and restore proper function.

Healthy Digestive System

The liver plays a crucial role in the digestive system as it produces bile for the emulsification of dietary fats to prepare them for the next step in the process of digestion. This is another important reason why it is important to keep the liver healthy and keep the flow of bile working properly. Inefficient digestion impacts overall health and vitality.

A liver detox diet also helps get rid of parasites which feed on our body’s supply of nutrients and robs us of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Although these parasites primarily dwell in the colon, they can migrate to other parts of the body.

These disease-causing microorganisms have to be removed from the body before they can cause health issues and an effective way to do this is through a liver detox.

Improved Energy Levels

Although during a liver detox you may feel weak, after your liver is functioning in a healthy state again you will experience improved energy levels. This is due to the detoxification process of purging toxins from your body. This temporary weakness and discomfort will be far outweighed by the resultant health and vitality benefits.

When your body is no longer battling with a backlog of unwanted sugar, trans fats, caffeine, and saturated fats, you will begin to experience renewed energy.

Once your liver cleansing detox ends, continue to eat healthy, whole foods, so that you feel energetic all day, every day. You don’t want to return to bad habits where you’ll be experiencing the sugar rush and then the energy crash.

Enhanced Mental Clarity

Before your detox, you may feel tired and be unable to focus clearly, and having a foggy brain may be a regular occurrence. This is often due to high sugar intake and accumulated toxins in the body. After your detox, you will begin to notice better mental clarity.

Skin Health

Skin blemishes, acne, discoloration, and irregular texture can be removed or diminished through liver detoxification. If you drink lemon juice, for example, take a look at the color under your eyes – before and after your detox. Notice the healthy difference?

A detox diet will also help clear out free radicals and promote healthy collagen formation. As a result, the skin will look more radiant, fine-textured, and exhibit a healthy glow.

A healthy liver is paramount to a healthy body. If you feel your liver isn’t functioning at its best, take action today and start reaping some of the benefits.

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