What You Need to Know About Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition wherein the pressure exerted by the heart in each pump is persistently high or elevated. If left untreated this condition may result in serious illnesses like coronary heart diseases, heart attacks, stroke, kidney diseases, arterial blockage and aneurysm, and other arterial diseases.

Primary and Secondary Hypertension

Primary hypertension is the common type of hypertension and makes up 90-95% of hypertensive cases. This type of hypertension doesn’t have any underlying medical cause for development but is widely known to be caused by either genetic factors or unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Secondary hypertension consists of the remaining 5-10% and is a side-effect of a major disorder of the arteries, kidneys, or hormonal imbalances of the endocrine glands.

There are different predisposing factors that might contribute to the development of high blood pressure. Genetics plays a big role in the development of hypertension as does aging. People who rarely exercise, who smoke, drink excess alcohol and live a stressful lifestyle become high-risk candidates for developing hypertension.

Obesity also poses a risk for developing hypertension. Other conditions like renal diseases, Cushing’s syndrome, and thyroid disorders can result in developing hypertension at a later stage. Other factors that might result in high blood pressure are pregnancy, a high salt diet, lack of sleep, aortic problems, and certain medications.

Hypertension – The Silent Killer

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition commonly referred to by many experts as a “silent killer”. This is because hypertension is an asymptomatic condition which means people who have it are likely to not experience any symptoms at all.

This means that a person may be unaware that high blood pressure is damaging their body until it reaches its most severe state, leading to stroke or heart attack.

The danger in hypertension is not the condition itself but the lack of symptoms. Unlike other illnesses and conditions, high blood pressure doesn’t have any obvious outward signs that might lead a person to believe that they are suffering from this condition.

It can only be diagnosed through check-ups or worse, by experiencing a hypertensive attack. Regular health checks to monitor blood pressure is important, especially for those who have a family history of hypertension.

This is why doctors put so much stock in your blood pressure readings, even if you have no outward symptoms. Once you know that your blood pressure reading is above the normal range, you should not ignore it. Waiting for the symptoms to occur could be putting your life at risk.

“Knowing” is the first step in treating and managing hypertension. Once you know your blood pressure and its limitations, you can now find remedies and try natural treatments to manage and maintain your blood pressure at an acceptable level.

Some of these natural ways to lower blood pressure are:

  1. Garlic has always been famous in lowering blood pressure. It contains an active substance called allicin, that thins the blood and lowers blood pressure, when enough is included in the daily diet.
  2. Fatty fish contain fish oil that is rich in Omega-3, a fatty acid that is widely known to benefit the heart.
  3. Eliminate caffeine in the diet. Caffeine, although an antioxidant, is a hyperactive drug that causes the heart to pump faster and may result in higher blood pressure.
  4. Reduce salt intake in the diet. There have been studies that show the correlation between high blood pressure and high salt intake.
  5. Eat healthy food, fruits, and vegetables. Fats and carbohydrates in the diet increase the risk of obesity and diabetes, which are known to raise blood pressure levels.
  6. Eliminate nicotine and alcohol. A healthy diet and lifestyle will reduce the risk of developing hypertension as well as help manage blood pressure.

For some people nowadays, health and exercise are often on the bottom of their to-do list. This in turn causes an increase in the number of people developing lifestyle diseases like hypertension, which can be easily avoided through proper exercise and a healthy diet.

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