Need a Mind Boost? Do These 4 Simple Things!

Do you want to be able to think more quickly, efficiently, and be more confident in your choices?  Maybe there’s a new skill that you’ve been hoping to learn, but it still feels out of reach? If this is the case, you wouldn’t be the first person to hope that they could improve their thinking capacity. People often say that knowledge is power, but they rarely address the notion that the brain that can store the information more efficiently will always be the one that will be most powerful.

Get Lots of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

When it comes to health, people should really consider themselves to be what they are—electrochemical machines. How people process food as fuel might be different and infinitely more complicated, but the principles are the same. You need certain things to function, and one of the most important nutrients you can get are Omega 3s. They’re a big part of how the brain retains its plasticity, and they’re used as a part of the chemicals that are produced that help make up the recording system of your memories. 

Start Writing

Writing is an excellent exercise for the mind because it employs several different systems to get the task accomplished. It also helps you by engaging your ability to recall information. That why it’s a lot easier to remember things when you write them down, even though you aren’t looking directly at the thing you write on. As you gain experience putting the word on the page, your mind will get better at making those parts of your mind more accessible because it knows that it needs to keep those parts ready for use.

Spend Less Time Impaired

Some people will like to enjoy a glass of this or smoke a bit of that, but the amount of time that you spend in those states can begin to take a toll on your mind over time. When you’re under the influence of some substances, they can have a lasting impact that generally slows your progress mentally, because you’re not living as much of your life processing the information efficiently.

Eat Less Sugar

Studies have been linking sugar to a decrease in cognitive function for quite a few years, but sugar is still a pretty common and typical part of eating food in the 21st century. Reducing sugar intake also reduces the amount of inflammation that you find in the body, so that along could cause some swelling and reduced blood flow that likely wouldn’t be as much of an issue normally.

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