How Too Much LDL Cholesterol Can Kill You

You’ve probably heard about the dangers of high cholesterol many times throughout your life. You may have even seen commercials, cartoons, or advertisements for products designed to keep the bad cholesterol away, but why is bad cholesterol such a big deal anyway? Extensive research has revealed that having high cholesterol can be linked to a group of illnesses that affect a large section of the world. Now that we know there is a major difference between the harmful LDL cholesterol and its helpful counterpart, there is a much clearer picture of how LDL cholesterol can be dangerous.

Peripheral Artery Disease

PAD or peripheral artery disease is a condition that can cause paralysis in the face, one side of the body, and other complications, including pain in the extremities and numbness. This is caused by the blockage of arteries that feed blood to the affected areas. This blockage’s primary cause is a buildup of cholesterol that comes from a high LDL count due to poor diets and lack of exercise. Movement can help a person avoid the possible buildup of arterial plaque that can cause this disorder. It would be highly advisable that any person experiencing these symptoms should see a doctor.


If you were to continually allow the symptoms of a peripheral arterial disease to take place, you would be at an advanced possibility for a stroke. Blood flow that is traveling to the brain can be greatly decreased or cut off completely, causing serious medical issues, and there is a chance that a blocked blood vessel could be controlling a vital organ that can kill the stroke victim. If you have any symptoms like partial facial paralysis, slurring of the speech, soreness in extremities, difficulty moving or walking, then you should seek medical attention immediately.

Heart Attack

If plaque buildup can block blood flow to the heart, it causes a heart attack. When the heart isn’t strong enough to pump blood through the circulatory system, blood isn’t being supplied, and the outcome is usually death. The best way to prevent this from happening is by making sure you have time to be physically active and eat foods that promote high HDL cholesterol instead of LDL cholesterol. Medical attention should be sought out immediately upon experiencing chest pains, jaw soreness, or numbness in the limbs.

Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to lower your LDL cholesterol, one of which is eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Do not worry about not getting enough of these nutritious foods by taking Life Enzyme from Orgaanics. Lower your bad cholesterol while promoting overall health–take Life Enzyme today!

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