How to Add Apple Cider Vinegar Into Your Diet

If you’ve been reading up on the great things that apple cider vinegar can do for you, then you probably heard that it can have some positive effects on your diet as well. Apple cider vinegar has been used in all sorts of health tonics dating back to the 1800s. Although the mechanisms still aren’t entirely understood, science has been able to observe a few of its positive effects. In the following article, you’ll find a few ways to use apple cider vinegar in your diet.

Blood Sugar Regulation

One of the most reported ways in which apple cider vinegar can be used if for blood sugar regulation. Studies were able to detect that people who had ingested apple cider vinegar with meals didn’t show blood spikes as high as the people who hadn’t ingested any. This means that having apple cider vinegar with food can be extremely beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes.

Helps Cholesterol Levels

Tests run by researchers have also shown that ingesting apple cider vinegar helps the body to break down cholesterol in the blood. The implication here is massive in that even if apple cider vinegar only worked in a very small way, the benefits would make a worthwhile part of any dietary regimen. For the best effect, it should probably be consumed in a very dilute form on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Antibacterial Agent

The acidity of apple cider vinegar proves to be a generally inhospitable environment for microbes of the invasive type. Apple cider vinegar can even be used to clean your food before you eat it, as well as flavor it. You can easily drizzle some over your salad to make sure that you’re protected by some forms of bacteria that can live in a lettuce lake. Coli, while giving your greens that tangy flavor that you’ve been looking for.

As an Appetite Suppressant

People in studies involving apple cider vinegar had less of an appetite than those in the groups that hadn’t had any. Scientists found that the result of the lowered blood sugar decreased the appetite, but researchers didn’t feel like this secondary effect was as important as the primary control of the blood sugar. Either way, It’s probably still a great idea to get your day started off right and add a few tablespoons to some juice in the morning. 

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