How Stress Damages Your Brain

If you’re out and around people a lot, you will eventually hear someone say that they love stress sometimes because it helps them to perform better, but is that really the case most of the time? It’s obvious that stress is a part of life, but the ways that it can affect you should move most people to want to figure out better ways to get things done. The next few paragraphs will be a discussion of stress and health.

It Damages Your Memory and Brain

A calm mind is always the best way to solve any problem. When you get super stressed out, the signals and host of chemicals that comprise your thoughts and memories are traveling back and forth at extremely fast rates. Rapid-fire chemicals create more chances for miscommunication, and because stress can slow your cognitive ability, something is likely to be disrupted in some way or another. Stress is so detrimental that it can actually shrink the physical size of your brain, so it would be a good idea to learn to control it as soon as you can.

It Directly Kills Brain Cells

Stress can have such an effect on you that it makes some parts of your body sick, but what is even scarier is that it literally kills new brain cells in your hippocampus. After extensive testing, researchers could predict the loss of new cells in animals that were exposed to a stressful situation while in the study. The heaviest revelation became apparent when they found that those cells weren’t replaced a week later. Hopefully, that research will put human closer to finding out how to avoid that stress completely.

The Structure of Your Brain Can Change

The makeup of the brain is a precise balance of tissues that are supposed to be able to do work for you until the day you die. If you have experienced a high amount of stress for a prolonged period, then the structure of your brain is different than it was before that. Some people who experience these changes, like soldiers who have PTSD, will show some pretty serious changes to the makeup and amounts of specific tissue types. These imbalances could set you up for a possible future of mental illness.

Stress Can Actually Make You Mentally Ill

When stress is being pushed onto you, it can do a lot of damage. When the damage or changes have taken place, it doesn’t take much to push someone out of reality.

After understanding the effects of stress on your brain, you should have more motivation to learn how to effectively manage it. It would spare you from many brain conditions in the future if you make it a habit to engage in activities that reduces stress when it comes, such as breathing exercises and meditation. Or you can sit back, relax, and have a cup of Fern Coffee from Orgaanics, a healthy cup of coffee with antioxidants that better protects you from stress.

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