How Aerobic Exercise Relieves Stress

Although it is impossible to completely eliminate stress, exercise is one of the best ways to help you better manage those stressful situations at work, home, school, or in any aspect of your life.

Aerobic exercise keeps you physically and mentally fit, therefore better enabling you to fight dis-ease and de-stress.

Exercise Leads to Improved Endurance Against Stress

It’s been proven that regular exercise enables a person to better manage their stress levels. A huge benefit is that the stress-busting effects of regular aerobic exercise have been found to have an effect, not only right after the session but have flowed throughout the whole day.

One study had healthy students as participants who were asked to complete rest sessions while the other group had moderate exercise designed to be performed within a specific period of time.

Both groups of students were more relaxed initially but those who underwent exercise sessions were found to have less stress and anxiety for a much longer period compared to non-exercisers. These findings showed that exercise can indeed change a person’s emotional state, making them more capable of enduring any kinds of stressors with greater positivity and composure.

How Cardio Exercises Reduce Stress

Incorporating aerobic or cardio exercises into your lifestyle can definitely help you slash stress on a daily basis. Experts believe that indulging in different forms of exercise such as aerobics or cardio training can help the body to develop improved resistance and better tolerance to stress.

This is because increased aerobic capacity is found to have a direct impact on the ability of the body’s parasympathetic system to activate that “rest and digest” response that paves the way for reduced levels of stress.

By comparison, those people who have low levels of aerobic capacity were found to have a more active sympathetic nervous system that makes them prone to suffering from heightened levels of stress. This is because if your sympathetic nervous system is more active than your parasympathetic nervous system it means that you have a more active and easily triggered fight or flight response, which increases a person’s vulnerability to the ill effects of stress.

Other Health Benefits of Aerobics/Cardio Exercises

It has also been reported that aerobics or cardio training helps lower one’s heart rate even during exposure to psychological stress. Therefore, the same kind of training may also have an added benefit in protecting people from the risks of coronary heart disease.

Research also revealed that most successful athletes possess a great ability to tolerate many kinds of stressors. They were also found to have greater resilience against stress and were able to recover from their workouts far more quickly than any other individual. The same can also be true for the majority of people.

Increased aerobic capacity reduces a person’s risk of suffering from the adverse effects of stress. This of course makes it much easier for one to achieve better health and well-being and feelings of fulfillment and joy.

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