Holistic Healing: 5 Perfect Healing Crystals for Starters

If you are looking to start using healing crystals for body and mind healing, you must know that each crystal promotes its own set of benefits. Some help with anxiety, while others focus more on physical conditions. Different crystals also work with different chakras, which is another essential aspect of holistic health. If you are new to using healing crystals, the following are great to start with.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an excellent crystal to start with, as it is accessible, attractive, and has many amazing benefits. This crystal has a deep-blue shade, which induces calmness and relaxation. It is often used for relieving anxiety and stress, helping with eye or throat problems, and warding off negativity. As with all crystals, there are many healing benefits you might not realize you are getting from wearing this crystal.


It would help if you also tried to get an amethyst, which is known for having many purposes. If you can get only one crystal, amethyst would be great to go for. This crystal has a purple color but might vary in shades of light, medium, or dark purpose with some blue hues as well. They are often used for the third eye chakra and crown chakra. Amethyst can promote balance in your body and mind, helping you sleep better, relieving anxiety, and reducing mood swings.

Rose Quartz

Next on this list is rose quartz, which also possesses multiple healing benefits and is easily accessible. The rose quartz is a light pink crystal that is calming and symbolizes love. It is often used for your heart chakra, so when you have emotional or relationship troubles, rose quartz will provide you with some peace during this time and help you find clarity.


Alexandrite is a fun, healing crystal that changes its colors. When you see the crystal in its indoors and relaxed state, it is usually more of a reddish-purple color. However, if you take it outside into the sunlight, it will change its color to a blue-green shade. What many people have noticed is that it also changes hues based on your current health. This is why many people like to wear alexandrite to help with circulation and channeling your inner creativity.

Clear Quartz

When people think of crystals, they often think of the clear quartz as a classic crystal stone. This is also why it is one of the first crystals people get. Clear quartz is a well-rounded healer, which helps with emotional, mental, and physical wellness all at the same time.

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