Does Your Body Need A Detox?

You may have heard about detox, but is it something you need to do? Your body or mind may have been giving you some subtle signs that it is time to cleanse your entire system without realizing it. Here are some common signs you need to detox.

Physical Signs

There are quite a few physical signs that can point toward needing a detox. When you have a lot of chemicals and toxins in your body, such as in your kidneys and liver, your body reacts with many different issues. These can often be linked to those toxins, which means you will feel better after detoxifying with healthier options. Some physical signs of needing a detox include frequent headaches, bloating or digestion problems, persistent sinus problems, skin irritation, muscle aches, and even menstrual cycle issues.

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Some mental health disorders can also be signs of needing a detox. If you have been experiencing episodes of depression, or you suddenly feel depressed even though it is quite rare for you, it might be due to the health of your body, not just your mind. It is a good idea to face these signs. Cleaning your body with detox can help clear your brain of detrimental toxins as well. However, you should consult a doctor if you have worsening symptoms of depression.


If you have been having trouble sleeping, it might not be completely because of your mattress or not having a good bedtime ritual. Another possibility is that there are a lot of toxins that have built up in your body, which is keeping your body from getting proper rest. Insomnia should not be taken lightly. Besides taking medications, you should also try doing a healthy detox and see if it helps you get better sleep. Or you can use RefleTox from Orgaanics, which helps reduce stress and induce sleep.

Other Signs

Many other symptoms could tell you that you need a detox. For instance, you might be having mood swings and extreme irritability, which is related to the toxins in your body. You may have more cravings, especially to sugar, or you may have increased blood sugar. More belly fat, fluid retention, and stomach bloating are also common signs of your body telling you that you need to detox.

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