Diabetic Immune System Solutions

Over and over again, you’ll notice that during times of viral outbreaks, it’s said that people with underlying health conditions are at high risk. One group of people this category refers to is diabetics. 

Bolstering your immune system as a diabetic, regardless of whether you have type I, type II or even pre-diabetes, is important. There are many things you can do to protect yourself. 

Why Diabetics Are Getting Hit Harder in the Pandemic

You need to be careful and take precautions to avoid viruses, but those who are diabetics need to have a strategy in place for dealing with viruses if you contract one. The reason that you need to be more careful is not because you’re more likely to catch whatever virus comes along. 

The problem is that people with diabetes can develop severe complications due to their impaired immune system. Some people don’t understand what it is about having diabetes that raises the risk level for complications or death due to a viral infection. 

The reason that a diabetic has trouble fighting back against whatever virus is going around is due to high blood sugar levels. When someone has a higher level of blood sugar, it gets in the way of the immune system’s ability to fight back. 

It prevents the immune system response because it hampers the natural white blood cell reaction to a threat. Your body uses white blood cells to fight whenever your body comes under attack. 

This is what comes to your defense in the event you get a mild or a more serious virus. But when you have diabetes, it creates a dysfunctional response. Instead of the white blood cells being able to immediately get to work, they’re slow to respond and can’t stop the virus from going beyond the asymptomatic stage. 

So someone with diabetes will usually go on to develop symptoms of the virus they’re facing. This medical condition disrupts the natural response because it weakens the immune system. 

A weakened immune system is why diabetics are more susceptible to pathogens and lose some of the protection that a non-diabetic has. Because of this, when someone with diabetes gets a viral infection, that infection is more likely to overpower the immune system and lead to serious lung problems such as pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and more. 

Many of the cases of Covid involving diabetics ended up with serious complications or death due to comorbidity. 

Comorbidity Increases Risk

When a diabetic has comorbidity, it means he or she has another health condition that increases their odds of not only catching Covid, but of developing serious complications to the virus. 

That’s because two or more health issues overwhelm the immune system and the more serious these conditions are, the higher your risks. Diabetes can weaken the immune system all by itself. 

The disease is hard on the body and makes staying healthy a nearly constant battle. The number one cause of diabetes and lowered immune system response is directly related to the blood sugar control.

Higher levels mean more complications and a diminished ability to fight back against the virus. Not only that, but those who have poor glucose control significantly raise the risk of dying from Covid if contracted. 

One of these comorbidities has to do with heart health. Many studies have shown that those with diabetes are at an increased risk for developing cardiovascular complications. 

While diabetes is a condition that can be managed, even good management isn’t enough to contradict the risk of poor cardiovascular health. The reason that people who are diabetic face heart disease, which causes them to be doubly at risk of Covid, is because many diabetics also have high blood pressure. 

High blood pressure is linked to higher glucose levels, which doubles their risk of serious complications from the virus. In addition to having high blood pressure, many diabetics also have higher cholesterol levels. 

This can lead to narrowed or clogged blood vessels. Due to this extra strain on the body, if someone who’s a diabetic ends up catching the virus, they’re more likely to experience greater complications and slowed recovery time. 

Another comorbidity associated with diabetes is obesity. This causes the immune system function to become impaired. When someone is a diabetic, it’s poor control that’s more likely to cause these issues – and when you couple that with one or more other conditions, the outcome from catching the virus isn’t positive. 

For those diabetics who do survive, recovery is not only slow, but can leave behind damage that lasts – such as lung complications if the patient catches pneumonia or other Covid-associated lung conditions. 

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