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3 Tricks To Boost Your Memory Naturally

Periodic moments of forgetfulness are quite normal, especially if you are overworked or simply tired at the end of the day. While occasionally forgetting a simple fact or task is easy to overlook, regular bouts of forgetfulness can be extremely frustrating. There are many causes of memory loss, some of which are genetic, others may […]

What Are The Symptoms of Different Types of Dementia?

Contrary to what many people think, dementia is not a disease per se. It is an umbrella medical term used to describe several conditions and related symptoms associated with a decline in cognitive skills. Dementia symptoms are the result of medical conditions that are usually brought about by physical changes in the brain. The symptoms […]

3 Types of Gynecologic Cancers and Their Symptoms

Gynecological types of cancers can wreak havoc on a woman’s lifestyle and threaten her life. If caught early, most gynecologic cancers can be treated successfully. Some can be prevented, or have the risk of contracting them greatly reduced, by taking proper precautions. There are different types of gynecologic cancers, including: Cervical cancer Ovarian cancer Uterine […]

3 Diet Plans That Help Lower Cholesterol

While modern medicine certainly seems to have a pill for nearly everything, we still have several naturals, self-help options, including multiple diet plans to help lower cholesterol. Yes, multiple! Everyone has individual preferences when it comes to foods… some love seafood while others prefer red meat. When you’re contemplating the best diet to choose for […]

What Are the Signs of Mental Fatigue?

Mental fatigue occurs when the brain is overstimulated, or through a lack of sleep and/or suffering from chronic mental stress. If a person is mentally stressed they may find it hard to get to sleep and/or stay asleep, or alternatively, stressed individuals may require more sleep than usual. Healthy sleep is crucial for physical and […]