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Natural Therapies to Help Quit Smoking

You may have tried different stop smoking methods, both traditional and herbal, but if you are still smoking after all your efforts, why not try some non-medicinal natural therapies? Here are a few natural therapies that will help you in your journey towards finally quitting your smoking habit. Hypnosis Hypnosis is one method that has […]

Are Pipes and Cigars Safe?

Many smokers believe that pipes and cigars are healthier alternatives to cigarettes for various reasons. However, studies reveal otherwise. Many pipe and cigar smokers claim that they don’t inhale the smoke which is one of the reasons why they believe these methods are safer. A study was conducted on 3,500 adults aged 48 to 90 […]

Passive Smoking: What Are the Dangers?

Do you have friends who smoke? If so, they could be killing you. Passive smoking also referred to as secondhand smoke (SHS) or environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), is something you should take seriously if you spend time in a smoking environment. These days there are laws that ban smoking in restaurants and other public places […]

Can Your Lungs Recover from Smoking? was developed by a group of doctors and health professionals to provide health and wellness information to anyone with an Internet connection. They pull no punches when they talk about the deadly dangers of smoking. The globally recognized, free web-based health advocate says, “Smoking’s damage is swift and irreversible.” As with many lifestyle choices, […]

How Smoking Damages Your Skin

If the ill effects of smoking were obvious on your face every time you looked in the mirror, would you smoke? If after every cigarette you smoked you could see fine lines, wrinkles, and red capillaries developing on your face, would you still continue to smoke? Perhaps if the signs were noticeably visible immediately, nobody […]

Negative Effects of Smoking on Heart and Blood Vessels

Smoking accounts for 5 million deaths annually worldwide and is a cause of death that can be prevented. We spend millions trying to find cures for diseases, yet many people can’t quit smoking, improve their health, and save their own money. This article explains how smoking affects our hearts and blood vessels. Increases Risk of […]