6 Fantastic Herbs for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Losing weight is one of the best remedies for arthritic and joint pain as it takes away undue pressure on the joints. Additionally, a healthy and effective weight-loss diet will mean less intake of toxins that cause or add to the problem.

However, this can be easier said than done for some people, which is why other remedies or solutions are sought after.

Although over-the-counter pain relievers may be helpful in the short term, long-term use can harm the kidneys and other organs. As much as possible, it is safer to opt for the natural route. This includes using herbs for fighting against pain and inflammation.

Below are a few herbs to try.


This herb contains iron, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, protein, and beta carotene. It also contains vitamins D, A, C, and B complex. Many arthritis sufferers claim that fresh nettle greatly reduces their pain and inflammation.

If you are currently taking NSAIDs for your arthritic pain, you might consider adding nettle to your treatment plan so you can lessen the reliance on these pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories.

Willow Bark

Long before aspirin was discovered, there was willow bark. Willow bark contains salicin, an active ingredient with effects similar to that of aspirin.

A study published in the 2013 issue of Phytotherapy Research reveals that willow bark contains active properties that can reduce inflammation. When experts administered willow bark extract to almost 500 study participants, who were suffering from rheumatic pain, the patients reported a significant reduction in their symptoms.

Although willow bark is available in capsule form, many suggest that its tea works better for just about any arthritis pain.

Burdock Root

One of the best things you can do for yourself if you’re suffering from arthritic pain is to increase your consumption of essential fatty acids. In addition to oily fish and other foods that contain these fatty acids, burdock root can also be a good source.

Burdock has long been a trusted herb when it comes to treating painful joints. Burdock can be taken as a tea or used in tincture or extract form. Burdock is also being used as an ingredient in many homeopathic remedies today.


Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse and has become a favorite for treating joint pain. Its ability to provide relief from arthritis pain is attributed to its curcumin and curcuminoids, which are natural chemicals that can reduce inflammation.

Many arthritis patients claim that turmeric works as effectively as the anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed for them. It is used in many natural herbal supplements for helping eliminate pain.

Experts recommend that for greater pain relief, turmeric is best taken in tea form. Turmeric capsules are also available and, of course, the powder can be added to cooking.

Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry has been used for treating many joint-related illnesses. The diuretic properties of this herb make it a perfect remedy for arthritis and gout, in which fluid retention causes much of the pain and discomfort to sufferers.

Juniper can be easily applied as an ointment or taken as a tea. However, some practitioners say that this herb should not be taken orally for more than a month at a time, otherwise the person can risk having kidney problems.


The Boswellia herb is also referred to as frankincense or Indian frankincense. This herb has gained a good reputation among alternative medicine practitioners for its ability to fight and protect the joints against inflammation. It is believed to also inhibit leukotrienes, which attack the healthy joints of people who are diagnosed with autoimmune diseases.

There are many proven herbal remedies available to try for relieving arthritic and joint pain. Many treatments will include a combination of some of the herbs listed above.

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