4 Easy and Simple Lemon-Infused Detox Recipes

For a long time, lemon has been known as one of the best food ingredients for detoxing your body. It helps cleanse your system, primarily your liver, kidneys, and gallbladder, not to mention helping to restart your entire body. Take a look at some of these delicious lemon-based detox recipes.

Detox Salad With Lemon

The first lemon-infused detox recipe you can try is a detox salad. This salad involves as many different detox foods as you like, and naturally has plenty of lemon flavor. Think of fruits and veggies you believe taste great with lemons, such as carrots, kale or spinach, strawberries, beets, avocado, and bell peppers. You can even add in some nuts for more protein and extra superfood goodness, like walnuts or almonds. Squeeze in some lemon juice, or make your own dressing with lemon juice, your choice of oil, and garlic.

Lemon Detox Drink

If you do not want to prepare a meal, there are many drink recipes you can try. One is a simple lemon detox drink that includes a few simple ingredients. You might recognize this type of method as something that you do with a “Master Cleanse,” but this is not necessary to benefit from the detox drink. You can also enjoy it as a way to detox your body by replacing other drinks in your regular diet. A good lemon detox drink includes lemon juice, cayenne pepper, cinnamon pepper, and apple cider vinegar. It should contain mostly water, and also have some kind of sweetener, like honey.

Tea With Lemon

You can also have healthy tea with some lemon to turn it into a detox tea. However, in terms of tea, you want to use homemade tea or at least tea bags that contain loose tea leaves in them. A good tea uses the tea leaves, lemon juice, ginger, and turmeric. You are adding lots of superfoods to this detox tea. If you like adding lemon, remember to use raw lemon, not the processed, bottled variety.

Lemon Ice Cubes

If you do not want to worry about a complicated lemon detox recipe, you can resort to making some detox lemon ice cubes. Add them to your glass of cold water, and you are good to go. You want to use spring water or distilled water, and the juice of organic lemons when making the ice cubes.

As you detox with lemon, make sure you are taking vitamin C to strengthen your immune system, provide plenty of antioxidants, protect your heart health, and more! However, choose a vitamin C supplement that is easily absorbed by your body and helps strengthen your bone and teeth health, like CalVit-C – Calcium + Vitamin C from Orgaanics.