3 Unhealthy Habits That Harm Fertility Treatments

When you are doing fertility treatments, either through a doctor or through natural means, you need to make sure everything is on track. This means maintaining all the good habits you can, including reduced caffeine, exercise, and the right fertility supplements and diet. With that being said, you can still run into some negative issues that you should work to stay away from. Here are some unhealthy habits to change or avoid during your fertility treatments.

Drinking Too Much Caffeine

You may not do it all the time, but there are some days where all of us have a bigger jolt of coffee or sodas than normal. This means we are getting a much larger dose of caffeine than is safe for fertility. If you are trying to conceive and having problems doing it, then you need to curb your caffeine and keep it maintained. Make sure that you either move away from caffeine or that you reduce it to safe levels. Keep in mind that safe levels tend to be no higher than 300 milligrams of caffeine.

Having Too Much Stress

You may not think the drama of life affects you but think about your reactions to that drama. Every time you get overly involved in drama, you get upset or have some form of negative reaction. This increases your stress, which increases the risks of your body going out of its routine and derailing from your fertilitygoals. Remember that you need to remain calm during your fertility and try to stay away from things that make your blood pressure rise or make you feel like you are becoming stressed. Stay away from unnecessary drama whenever possible, even the drama you seek out through reality TV or online.

Eating Too Many Processed Foods

Processed foods contain higher levels of sodium, sugars, and preservatives. These can be causing a severe issue with your fertility plans. For example, higher sodium levels lead to inflammation, which can lead to pain. Pain can lead to stress, and stress can lead to depression and the lack of energy to do anything you need, like exercise. Try to go with whole food and organic options instead.

Remember, take a look at your current habits. If you find anything negative about them that you would not do while pregnant, then don’t do them while you are in fertility treatments. It takes about a month to remove bad habits and replace them with good ones, so give yourself time to change.

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