Why Can’t You Lose Weight?

The difficulty of losing weight for many people, especially those who appear to be trying, has often remained a mystery to healthcare experts. After all, why do so many people successfully lose weight only to find themselves gaining it all back again after several months or years?

Many blame their thyroid, others blame their genetic disposition…they were born fat…but scientists have conducted studies and it appears as though years of unhealthy eating can cause damage to a particular part of our brain, the hypothalamus.

These findings were based on scientific evidence gathered. The studies showed that eating fattening foods enabled inflammatory cells to travel the pathways to the hypothalamus. After a long period of time, these inflammatory cells caused the damage.

Scientists also discovered that eating foods which contained high amounts of simple carbohydrates and saturated fats kick-started a chain reaction that lead to metabolic dysfunction.

In Come Your Hunger Hormones

This is when the appetite regulating hormones called leptin and ghrelin are adversely affected. Leptin is an appetite suppressant while ghrelin signals your feelings of hunger. A person who consumes too many simple sugars and unhealthy fats may increase their risk of having damaged pathways for leptin and ghrelin to send signals to the brain. In turn, the body’s ability to regulate metabolism and weight are largely affected.

It is reasonable to assume that once these pathways become damaged, the correct signaling will not be able to reach the brain. As a result, it will not be able to recognize how much fat or calories have been consumed or stored. This also goes to say that the brain can no longer properly recognize those signals that indicate hunger and fullness.

Consequently, the person just keeps on eating because they think they are still hungry! They consume more food even though they are already full because their hunger hormones are not telling them they have had enough. Obviously, this is a perfect recipe for weight gain.

Start Eating Healthy

Although some of the damage to the hypothalamus may already be done, much of it can be reversed by beginning a nutritious healthy diet. The same team of scientists suggested eating food that contained high amounts of omega-3, vegetables, unprocessed grains and fruits and to reduce, if not eliminate, simple sugars and other unhealthy foods in the diet.

This discovery opens up many doors for people wanting to lose weight and keep it off. So stop eating high sugar, unhealthy foods and start eating the brain foods that will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Being educated on the workings of our body is one of the greatest advantages to taking control of our own health and fitness.

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