What to Eat to Cleanse Your Liver

Fatty liver disease can be a serious condition, but it is also treatable. With non-alcoholic fatty liver, you likely got it at least partly from your diet, so it makes sense that changing your current diet will make a huge difference. Here are some foods that can help to clean out your liver.

Healthy Protein

The first type of food you want to eat to follow a healthy diet and help with a fatty liver is protein. However, you don’t want saturated fat, so don’t get your protein from red meat like bacon, sausage, hamburgers, or steak. Instead, stick to lean protein, like with turkey, chicken, and fish. You can also get your protein from low-fat cheese, nuts and seeds, eggs, and even legumes. Many of these are also allowed on a low-carb diet, which is frequently recommended for fatty liver disease.

Vegetable Juice

Are you a fan of juicing? If so, you’re in luck! Raw vegetable juice is excellent for cleaning out your liver, plus you will get a lot of other health benefits at the same time. With vegetable juice, you want to use raw vegetables, instead of frozen or canned. You can save money on the veggies by finding a local farmer or farmer’s market. The vegetables will be higher in nutrients and antioxidants when they are juiced completely raw. Juicing your own vegetable juice also reduces sugar and other additives that bottled juices often contain.


When it comes to the vegetables you should be eating, beets are among the best for fatty liver. These purple veggies will purify your blood while cleansing your body, and helping to improve your liver function. Beets are also extremely high in fiber, iron, folate, and many other important vitamins and minerals. Try adding beets to your salads, enjoying them as a side dish with your lean protein, or adding them to your vegetable juice.

Healthy Fats

While you are reducing your saturated fats, it is still encouraged that you have some healthy fats in your diet. These will replace the unhealthy fats and can help to cleanse your liver. Healthy fats include olive oil, coconut oil, flax seed and flax seed oil, avocados, chia seeds, and even olives. Seeds and nuts are also healthy fats.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with changing your entire diet all on the same day. Make gradual changes, adding in good food to replace the unhealthy food, and it will make a considerable difference in the health of your liver.

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