What Is Estrogen and Its Role in Your Health?

The human body contains various tiny components that are always working behind the scenes to make sure that your life can happen. These amazing systems work without you having to concentrate on what is happening, and they govern a large portion of what happens in the body. Some of the most misunderstood parts of the human body are the chemicals that influence sex, reproduction, and emotional responses. There will be a short discussion on the hormone estrogen in the following article and why it’s important.

What are hormones?

The simplest way to discuss hormones would be to liken them to a telephone system that keeps your body up to date with information. These chemicals are made in specific organs in your body and will be sent to other parts of you during specific times. Estrogen is a female sex hormone, and the majority of it is created in your ovaries. Estrogen controls important processes in the body, such as the menstrual cycle. It can also influence your weight and other body tissues.

Estrogen’s Job Changes During Your Life

One of the most interesting things about estrogen is how much its job changes through your life. When you are young and undergoing puberty, estrogen sends signals to cause different parts of your body to mature, such as the breasts. As you reach complete adulthood, estrogen also activates adult characteristics like pubic and armpit hair. Estrogen also keeps your body from continuing to ovulate when you become pregnant.

As Estrogen Levels Rise, So Does Cancer Risk

After a few decades of study, it has been a sad reality that higher estrogen levels are linked to occurrences of cancer. These high levels are most common in the very people who are most susceptible to breast cancer, women who are approaching or going through menopause. These levels are often achieved through drugs that are intended to soften the effects of menopause. It should also be noted that women who are overweight are at a greater risk because fat cells also produce estrogen.

How Can You Control Estrogen Levels?

Some of what dictates your outcome has to do with genetics, but for now, science has discovered a few forms of hormone therapy. These drugs can help to lower your estrogen and thus lower your chances of getting cancer. Another great way to control your estrogen is to keep your weight under control to prevent the excess creation of estrogen. Or you can take Sugarotect Capsules to help you lose weight while balancing your estrogen levels. Plus, it gives you loads of health benefits in the process, such as preventing cancer and boosting your immune system. Order Sugarotect Capsules from Orgaanics today!

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