Walk the Path of Holistic Health With Oregano Oil

Essential oils are not uncommon in the world of holistic health, and if you are someone who has been treading or hoping to tread the path of a healthy lifestyle, then you probably want to learn more about these oils. Many people still have some blurred ideas about how they are supposed to use essential oils. Respective of the oil you are using, there may be some additional steps to take to harness its full benefits and not encounter any adverse effects. In this article, we will focus on oregano oil. Here are holistic health tips for using oregano oil

Cure Colds

During the rainy season, it can be tough for people to deal with colds and flu. Fortunately, you can take advantage of oregano oil to help combat these ailments. The easiest way to use the oil for this purpose is to add several drops of oregano oil to steaming hot water. You can use it as a steaming treatment with a towel draping over your head while you lean over a bowl of hot water.

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Fight Ear Infections

Ear infections can become so severe that the pain can be disorienting. Infections are sometimes caused by a swollen gland or a bacterial source, which can begin as something benign, like a normal allergy reaction. It is safe to say that no one likes to deal with ear infections. The good news is that oregano oil is perfect at soothing inflammation and combating microorganisms. If you are to use the oil for this purpose, then it is advised that you use another oil like jojoba to dilute the oregano oil. After properly blending the two, you can gently rub the mixture on the outside of your ear. However, experts have cautioned that the oil should not make contact within your ear canal because it can cause damage.

Heal Your Skin

Surprisingly enough, you can also use oregano oil for your skin. It is fantastic for healing common skin conditions, especially those caused by inflammation. The best way to use oregano oil on the skin is with a carrier oil. Coconut oil may be an excellent choice for this purpose. After blending the coconut oil and drops of oregano oil, take a small amount and rub it onto the area of the skin that needs soothing. Make sure to test a small nearby area first, so you know the oil will not irritate your skin.

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