Top 10 Ways to Get More Exercise Into Your Life

There are many ways to incorporate exercise into your life. The good news is that it does not have to be a chore, and you do not have to go it alone either. Incorporating exercise into your daily or weekly routine is easy to achieve and, believe it or not, can be fun, as well.

#1: Start Slowly

As with any endeavor, it is imperative that you start slowly but steadily. If you begin your new exercise regimen too hastily and with too much zeal, chances are that you are likely to burn out and run out of gas very soon. Plan your exercise routine by slowly getting used to exercising as part of your daily or weekly routine. Start out with a few minutes each day just to get your mind and your body accustomed to what is taking place. All new change is usually met with resistance, no matter how well the intentions.

#2: Get Accountability

Whether or not you will be joining a gym with a friend or going it alone, it is imperative to have an exercise accountability partner. Perhaps you could incorporate the help of a friend asking them to be your biggest cheerleader when you feel like you want to quit. Even better, ask another friend to be your coach and ask you some hard questions and give you some hard-line advice when you want to stop.

#3: Exercise with a Friend

Studies have shown that it is easier and more successful to have positive results in any new endeavor when you do it with a partner. An interesting study from Indiana University’s Department of Kinesiology found that spouses who worked out with their partners had a dropout rate of only 6.3 percent compared with spouses who worked out without their partners. The “single” exercising group had an astounding 43 percent dropout rate. Therefore, exercising with a partner benefits the mind, body, and spirit.

#4: Add it to Your To-Do List

We all know the power of the never-ending to-do list. If you add exercise onto that to-do list, you are more likely than not to adhere to accomplishing that task. Even if you have to put it in red pen and add it to your calendar, make sure that you put it in writing. There is more of a commitment there when you put it down on paper.

#5: Sign a Contract

Go as far as signing a contract with someone. Make an agreement that you will exercise a certain number of times per week for a certain amount of time and sign on the dotted line. Make sure to incorporate some small repercussion, such as not going out to eat as a reward after you have reached your first milestone in order to make it worth your while to stick to your written word.

#6: Journal as You Go Along

A great way to see the effects of your new exercise routine is to journal as you go along. Perhaps you can make a journal entry of having a little bit more energy or self-confidence after your first week or two into your new exercise routine. A journal is a great way to measure your successes and to see where you fall short in other areas.

#7: Buy Something to Get Yourself in the Game

A great way to get motivated before setting out to start a new exercise regiment is to buy a few new things to get you motivated as you begin. Some new exercise clothing or weights in a color you like might be a fun little way to get you motivated.

#8: Measure Your Success

Keep a record on your refrigerator of your successes only. Even if there is no immediate weight loss or loss of inches in the beginning, keep a record stating that you did it for one whole week. Take your measurements regularly and chart your success.

#9: Make it a Family Affair

Exercise does not have to be a chore. It can be a fun-filled adventure for the whole family, as well. Hiking, walking, and bicycling are just a few ways to incorporate the whole family into exercise. Zumba and gaming system exercises are great ways to incorporate exercise into your family and your lifestyle.

#10: Reward Yourself

Make sure that you have a reward plan set up whether it is a new little black dress or a meal out after your goal is reached and then continue to reward yourself periodically throughout the maintenance period thereafter.

By incorporating these tips into your daily or weekly exercise routine, you should be able to see the message that is intended – that exercise can be successful, fruitful, and rewarding all rolled into one.

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