Telling Signs That You Have Fatty Liver Disease

Are you concerned that you might have fatty liver disease? Perhaps you know you fit some risk factors, or you follow a diet high in sugar and carbs and are simply overly concerned about it. The first thing to do is to become aware of the common signs and symptoms of this medical condition, then see a doctor about diagnosis and treatment. Take a look at some of these common signs of fatty liver disease.

Fatigue and Weakness

It is not uncommon to have fatty liver disease and not experience any symptoms. When you don’t change your diet or get treatment for fatty liver, you will then start noticing some physical changes. The first thing you might notice is that you are more tired. This can be subtle at first, as you might assume it is fatigue from your job or a busy lifestyle. However, if you can’t seem to battle the fatigue and weakness, no matter what you do, that is a good time to talk to your doctor. They might discover that it is a problem with your liver.

Change in Your Appetite

As liver disease progresses, you might also notice a change in your appetite or weight. Typically, this is when you have less of an appetite and start wanting to eat less. It can also be a subtle sign, but when you lose your appetite or lose weight for no reason and can’t quite figure out what is causing it, it is a good idea to think about your liver or other medical conditions. You may also start getting nausea and vomiting when you are eating, or just randomly during the day.

Focus and Concentration Issues

Mental symptoms may also occur with fatty liver disease. Have you noticed that you can’t really focus for as long as you used to or that you are having trouble concentrating? Perhaps you keep missing appointments, or you are sitting in a work meeting and don’t remember anything that is said. This is often from a medical condition, not a mental one, and maybe from your fatty liver.


If you don’t get treatment for your fatty liver, it can eventually lead to scarring, which is called cirrhosis. This will cause more serious complications of liver disease. This includes a yellowing of your eyes or skin, weak muscles, and extra fluid in your body. You can also get liver failure. If you look in the mirror and you look jaundiced or the whites of your eyes look yellow, it is time to call your doctor about the health of your liver.

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