Tea: The New Acne Solution You Need to Try

Surprising as it sounds, but tea is an excellent natural remedy for acne. This all-natural, popular drink is not only good for your stomach but also your skin! In the next few chapters, we will discuss how you can use tea to eliminate those annoying adult acne. 

How Tea Can Help Eliminate Acne

Tea is a natural remedy for a wide array of issues, from reducing bags under your eyes with tea bags to drinking tea to help alleviate toothache. It can also do wonders for your skin by drinking it and using the tea water on your skin. Many types of tea, including green tea, have antioxidants that can help give you a better complexion and healthier skin overall. Some studies show that there are more antioxidants in some types of tea than certain fruits and vegetables. Drinking it regularly not only helps with your adult acne and general skincare but is very healthy for you as well. This is also an excellent way to increase your water intake. 

Teas Excellent for Acne

While most tea types are good for you, not all of them are ideal for helping with acne. The following teas are the most recommended when you want to use them as part of your skincare regimen.

  • Green tea – You cannot go wrong with having a nice cup of green tea. This can reduce inflammation and give you a lot of healthy antioxidants, which reduces your acne. When you apply it directly to your skin, it can help eliminate the extra oils on your skin that are causing acne bacteria. It is also great for people with rosacea. 
  • Chamomile tea – If you are looking for an excellent way to sleep better at night, have a cup of chamomile tea. It has calming effects and anti-inflammatory properties that help calm acne breakouts. 
  • Rooibos tea – Rooibos tea is good for acne because you might be having breakouts due to excessive dryness. Rooibos tea is good at providing natural moisture on your skin.

You can treat acne mainly by using tea topically and orally. When using it topically, you can brew the leaves and apply the tea water after it cools with a cotton swab. Or, you can put the tea bag directly on your skin. If you want to drink it, try to have tea 3 to 4 times a day. 

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