How to Stay Positive When Everyone Else Is Going Insane

Panic is not the wisest thing to do if you want to survive a pandemic outbreak. All that it will do is jeopardize your chances of getting through a crisis with minimum damage. Keeping a positive mindset and attitude amidst a crazed world, on the other hand, is one of the best ways of surviving the tide and making it out of the storm. While this task can be challenging, if not impossible for some people, it may be the only thing that can guarantee your survival. Staying positive requires a strong mindset. If you suffer from panic and anxiety in times of calamity, here are some tips to help you:

Be Prepared

“Be prepared,” is one of the best pieces of advice you will want to take. When faced with any problem, instead of making poorly thought-out decisions, take time to build a wise game plan. The act of brainstorming and coming up with a plan can help manage your stress levels and anxiety, and aid you in making better choices. Because you develop the knowledge that you can face anything, this will help you and your loved ones remain positive when faced with negativity. With that said, you should prepare for emergencies before they even occur. You can prepare for a pandemic before it strikes. You do not need to wait for an authority to announce a widespread crisis before you take action. You can achieve positive results of preparation by taking the necessary measures required, such as adequate food, reinforced shelter, warm clothing, appropriate equipment, and others.

Filter Information

Dodge the bad news, and stay in the positive. This is not to say that you should become in denial of what is going on around you. However, it would be best if you do not let negativity cause panic among you and your family members. Do not pay attention to information that will not aid in remedying the situation. Focus on material that provides advice on how you can overcome or protect yourselves from acquiring infection as the pandemic worsens. You can also change the subject to a more optimistic one when it is brought up countless times.

Keep Moving

Working out has positive psychological effects on you, and it is a fantastic way of staying positive, healthy, and developing your general physical and mental well-being. Focus on boosting your health as it is an excellent method of staying positive when everyone else is going insane. It will help if you do not think that exercising is an activity you could skip and survive a pandemic with little damage. You need the benefits you will garner from exercising when faced with difficulties. Continue performing your work out routines and enjoy the process.

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Think Happy Thoughts

You might find it annoying when someone tells you to think happy thoughts when it feels like everything around you is falling apart. Well, sometimes, doing so takes force. You need to force your mind into thinking about something positive. Focus on what is happening from within, instead of worrying about external factors. If your mind cannot land on anything positive due to the abundance of bad news, you will have to generate happy thoughts. You can achieve this by imagining where you will be after all the madness that’s happening. Bring your mind to the number of people who have survived or surviving the same situation you are in, go through your photo album and reminisce happy memories.

Manage Your Finances

As an authority announces an outbreak, many people tend to run to the store and overbuy items out of fear of shortage. Finances are easily mismanaged when dealing with a pandemic or a widespread calamity. Thus, you need to wisely handle your finances to save yourself from regrets when the problem has diminished. To avoid bankruptcy, stay calm, avoid compulsive debts, keep accurate records, and information.

Empathize With Others

If you are anxious and in panic mode, it might help if you move your mind away from yourself and focus on someone else. Sometimes, caring for another person is what you need to stay sane. Try to shift your focus to helping someone else or putting a smile on their face. There are many ways to do this, but you can start by assisting them to stay safe or recover from what they are going through. You can even offer a relaxing, stress-alleviating massage using Massage Oil from Orgaanics.


One of the best ways to calm the mind and create a clearer perspective of life is through meditation. It is a technique that you can begin to practice immediately. If you are already practicing this method, continuing with it will be beneficial. Try clearing your mind from negative thoughts and focus on one positive thing. Do this daily for at least 30 minutes without any form of interference.

Work or Study from Home

You might worry and panic when you ponder upon the idea that you cannot continue on with your professional life because of a pandemic. However, your progress does not stop in the office. Realizing this will help calm you down. Carry on with your studies or work even outside the campus or workplace. Remember that you live in a technological era, where you do not have to worry about information getting to you or being able to communicate with someone from anywhere in the world. You can still work and study from home, and it has its fair share of benefits as well. For one, you can work peacefully without bothering to dress up and deal with a long, tiring ride from home to the campus of office. Plus, you can manage your own time and environment at your own pace.

Do Things Creatively

During a pandemic, especially when you are stuck at home due to a lockdown, you should prioritize your enjoyment in whatever activity you do. Staying entertained will keep your mind from wandering off to thoughts of impending doom. If you are working on something that you have to do but not necessarily enjoy, try to think of fun or alternative ways of doing it. You can be creative in doing your work or your project, as long as you do the job impeccably and impressively.

Avoid Negative People

In life, negative people will always be there, irrespective of what happens in the world. They will always seek ways to cause havoc. So it is crucial for your overall chance of survival to avoid people like this during hard times. If you are advised to stay home and avoid those you share the house with, you can encourage people around you to remain calm and positive. Of course, you cannot make everyone follow your example, but you always introduce something positive to talk about. This will switch the moody atmosphere to a more optimistic one.

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