How to Detox Your Home

Detoxing is often related to your body, skin, and even hair, but donít forget about your home. The environment where you live and sleep should be one that is clean and fresh. Here are some tips for detoxing your home to be healthy and well. Have Indoor House Plants Plants donít just add a decorative element, but can actually cleanse the air and provide natural oxygen in your home. Many live plants not only cleanse the air of impurities but have soil bacteria that help to get rid of formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds that might be in the air. If you run your air conditioner or heater regularly, you might have some traces of dust and other impurities in the air, which plants can help to cleanse in your home. It is good to have at least one house plant in the living room, kitchen, and other common areas. Use Natural Candles If you like to use candles in your home, whether for the ambiance, scent, or heat they provide, you need to re-think the types of candles you use. When trying to detox your home, it is best that you avoid anything artificial or heavy chemicals. Unfortunately, many of your regular scented candles have additives that you probably donít want to be in the air of your home where your family and pets live. Instead, try to use some natural candles like those made of soy or beeswax. Use More Natural Cleaning Products Another thing you want to start changing is what you choose to clean your home with. Naturally, having a clean home is part of detoxing it, but if you are using bleach and a lot of harsh chemicals, you are only adding more toxins into the air. Instead of doing this, start switching to natural and organic cleaning products. You can use apple cider vinegar, plain distilled vinegar, baking soda, and many other natural items to clean most areas of your home. Baking soda is great for pet stains and deodorizing, while lemon and vinegar are perfect for disinfecting. You should also ditch the dryer sheets, as they really are not necessary. Clean the HVAC Unit If you have a central air conditioner and heater in your home, that might be causing a lot of debris and dander in your home. You need to keep the air filter cleaned regularly and have the ducts cleaned by a professional about once a year.