How to Combine CBD with Other Sleep Aids

While Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, can help tremendously with sleep, you need to understand that it should not be used with other sleep aids in many cases. In this blog post, you will learn a little more about what to do if you’re trying CBD for sleep but are also taking other medications at the same time.

Safety First – Talk to Your Doctor

Yep, we’re starting here, because it is so important. This isn’t just a disclaimer but a recommendation for your own health and safety. If you want to try CBD oil for your sleeping issues, and you take medications for sleeping problems, you really need to talk to your doctor first. 

Even if you are taking something over-the-counter that is supposedly safe and natural, new studies are always being performed on CBD and the body, so there might be new 

information your doctor has about drug interactions. 

This can help prevent some serious side effects by combining meds, plus it’s just a good idea to let your doctor know you are open to alternative methods and that your previous treatments for insomnia are not working right.

Natural Sleep Aids and CBD

On the other hand, if you are using natural sleep aids that are not related to actual drugs and medications, you should be okay to try the CBD out. However, you might want to try it on nights you are not using those other methods, whether it is drinking herbal tea meant to make you sleepy, or using an essential oil diffuser.

Why? Not because of safety or health purposes, but for better tracking. You want to know which thing is actually helping you sleep better. It is really hard to figure this out when you do 3 different types of sleep remedies in one night. How do you know which one actually helped?

Wait for a night when you feel free to experiment. This might be when you don’t need to work the next day and will be okay even if you don’t get the best sleep. Skip your other remedies and try just the CBD oil at a low or moderate dosage. Write down how you slept, including how long it took you to fall asleep, how long you stayed asleep, and when you woke up the next day.

You can try this for a few nights, then add some of your other sleep aids and compare the differences.

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